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petrie141 07-03-2012 7:14 AM

Canon T3i Exporting Choppy Videos? Help!
I'm stumped which is a new feeling for me when it comes to video editing.

What camera: Canon T3i
What editing software: Adobe Premiere CS5
What's wrong: Once my video is edited and exported, the end result is super choppy

My first thought was that my camera is bad... however, that's not the case. I know this because when I watch the replay of the video on the camera itself, it's not choppy at all. Also, when I import the raw video straight to my computer and open that file (without any editing or conversion), it's perfectly smooth. Once I take the imported raw footage into premier, all of the video previews and playback play smooth also. The choppyness (if that's a word) only comes once the video is exported. I have used the avchd 1080p @ 29.97 and DSLR 1080p @ 29.97 presets for my project and have used the HDTV 1280p @ 29.97, HDTV 1080p @ 29.97, and YouTube Widescreen HD presets when exporting. All of which give me a choppy exported video.

I have used all of of those presets when editing GoPro footage, and they've all worked great. One thing I haven't tried is taking the footage from my camera and converting it to an h.264 mp4 before importing it into premiere. That's the only thing I have left to try.

dakid 07-03-2012 2:24 PM

computer specs?

i edit a ton of 5dmk2, 60d and 7d footage natively w/ no problems in ppro cs5.5. and the person i work with edits in cs5 w/ no issues at all.

gnarslayer 07-03-2012 2:46 PM

i dont seem to have any problems with my t3i, comes out smooth every time

petrie141 07-05-2012 10:58 AM

Sorry, forgot to mention: computer is a unibody macbook pro 15.4" with 4gb ram and all the other fun guts. I use it for motion graphics in after effects and have never had any exporting problems.

I can't explain it... I just shot some other footage ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXiq...Q&feature=plcp ) and it seemed to export fine, no chop. I still cant figure out what happened though (or if it will happen again). The video straight from the camera to the computer worked flawless, it was just the edited version that was choppy.

Step by step: I plugged in the camera, imported the raw video into iPhoto, and then unplugged the camera. I then opened the footage in iPhoto (using quicktime), it played flawlessly. I then made a new project in Premiere to the same specs as the raw video (1080p @ 29.97 fps). I imported the footage, edited it, and played it in the preview viewer (which played smooth). Once I exported the footage, the result was choppy.

Joe, If my computer wasn't to spec I would think the raw footage would be choppy as well, right?

JB, what do you use to edit? My experience lies in After Effects, not premiere, so I'm not married to premiere if something else out there is easier.

petrie141 07-05-2012 11:40 AM

Stuff this simple in after effects ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQHiEN43zLw ) seems to take up way more of my usage than editing in premiere does. so i can't help but wonder what was making it chop? Oh well...

Fiveflat 07-24-2012 7:07 AM

Yesterday, I just edited one of my T3i videos with Premiere Pro CS6. I selected H.264 1080p
There's really no need to export in a resolution greater than 1080 IMHO. However, I am the most amateur at videography so take that for what it's worth. I just followed the lead on some Vimeo tutorials is all.

video was shot at 24 FPS (again, as suggested by Vimeo. Not sure why they like 24 over 30 - but that could be a reason?)

splitboarder 11-05-2012 2:27 PM

Export to H.264 and Try lowering your bitrate to 5000 in the output settings. Also for better reults shoot at 1220 @ 60 fames per second

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