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xstarrider 07-02-2012 9:00 PM

1 Pro 485 VS Pair of Pro 80's
WAs curuious on peoples thoughts of how these two compare to each other. I currently am running Rev 8's on my tower and upgraded from the pro 80's.

Me n a few guys are outfitting a club(x5) boat with some tunes and came across a couple deals one for the 80's and the other for a single pro 485. We have a Syn 2 laying around we are going to run it with so going 3 some off the Syn 2 is not an option. We are also using the boat on a small private lake to the 3 some would just be overkill and a half.

If you had to recommend would you go single 485 or Pair pro 80's. Pro's and con's of going either way? The tower is an older zero flex flyer that is on an older X5. So there would only be room for a pair of 80's or a single 485 as well.

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