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PDR86 07-02-2012 6:06 PM

Looking for a pull on Lake Anna!
I'm new to Virginia and I'm looking to get in touch with some riders. I hear that Lake Anna is the spot to be and I would love to get out and shred with some people on the weekends! I'm always good for gas money and a wipe down! Let me know if you have a spot open!

Bumpass1 07-03-2012 4:16 AM

You are welcome to ride with us. My boat is in the shop of about another week though. We run just about every weekend. We hit it early so we have good water for hours then chill around lunch while we wait out the Wallys, then hit it again in the afternoon. PM me if you want it jump in.

jburbo 07-03-2012 6:26 AM

welcome to the area man! i live in Alexandria as well, and ride with Jamie at Lake Anna. hit me up, you are welcome to ride down with me any time. if you want to catch up sometime shoot me an email.


PDR86 07-04-2012 5:53 AM

Sorry to hear about the boat! Sounds like Lake Anna has a pretty good scene and I lookng forward to meeting up with some guys down there! I have a couple weekend days this month that I have to be out of town but other then that I'm down to shred! I'll hit you up with a PM and give you my number. I hope you have an awesome 4th!

I hit you up with a PM and my number. Llet me know when you heading out next!

Paul Rovianek

Bumpass1 07-12-2012 7:31 AM

Boat is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heading out Sunday if you want to ride!!

PDR86 07-12-2012 5:44 PM

I'm in!!! Can I bring the wife along? What time and where is the dock?

Bumpass1 07-13-2012 5:01 PM

We will be at the dock around 7:30. You are welcome to bring your wife. I know my wife would love to have another girl in the boat. Give me a call and I will give you directions to the dock.

PDR86 07-13-2012 5:52 PM

Jamie, sounds good! I'll hit you up Sunday morning when we are heading down.

Bumpass1 07-14-2012 3:44 AM

It's about an hour drive down from Alexandria. We put in at Hunters Landing. PM me if you need my number.

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