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zanek 08-21-2003 5:39 PM

hey, i'm learing fs hs 3's at the moment, and i can make it all the way around, but durring the course of my spin somhow i tilt forward and i eat it bad! what can i do to help get over this? <BR> <BR>

blabel 08-21-2003 6:23 PM

You're probably letting the handle get away from you at the end of the trick. Try keepin your elbow close to your body after the handle pass.

upupnaway 08-24-2003 10:25 PM

Or, you could be holding the handle too high on your pull.

awlang 08-25-2003 8:37 AM

Make sure not to throw the spin, until you completely leave the top of the wake. If you spin too early, it could throw you off-axis and cause you to faceplant. Take your time! Have you tried the wrapped 360's. They are a good way to start.

inadrummer 08-26-2003 8:17 PM

hey im trying to learn 3's, but i cant even get all the way around.... they say to not start your spin until your in the air, but when i wait till im off the wake, i only get a bit more than half way around... then if i spin early, i eat it too <BR> <BR>any beginners tips?

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