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ronnie1978 07-02-2012 4:24 PM

2005 Malibu 23 LSV
Fair Price
I am considering buying a boat from my neighbor. The boat is a 2005 23 LSV with about 160 hrs he has never used it for anything but cruising an pulling tubers. But he has not maintained it will either. The speedometer doesn't work so I can't check the PP. The tower speakers don't work and neither does the sub. The boat does not have wakeboard racks. The boat is propped with the 13 x 16 prop. The oil was very dark and he couldn't remember when he had it serviced last. And the boat has a ton of sun damage as well as scrapes.
On the positive the interior is in good shape and the hours are very low.

He is asking $38,000.00 I have looked around and think this would be a great deal if everything was in good shape but with all the things I would have to fix. Do you think this is still a good deal?

Thanks for any advice because $38,000.00 for a 7 year old boat feels like a lot of money.

polarbill 07-02-2012 4:37 PM

I think a fair price on a good shape 2005 LSV is 40k to 45k depending on options. With the problems and neglect you are talking about there is no way I would pay more then 35k for it. I definately would have the compression checked. On the positive side if you get it for a good price the stereo might be something simple, you could probably find a pair of racks for 400-500 bucks and you could buff the crap or wetsand the gelcoat. If it mechanically checks out and the stereo is a simple fix you could end up with a really great wakeboarding boat for not much more then 35k.

Truekaotik 07-02-2012 9:08 PM

Does it have ballast atleast?
Perfect pass gps price should be deducted, as well as the wakeboard racks and sound system... It's a high end boat so you can wet sand the oxidation out if it's too bad a buffer won't fix because they gel it pretty thick... Ummm, if the v-drive and motor check out and it has ballast I say 2- 4 grand less atleast... That would be a good deal to me... I'd walk away with a smile at that... Just my 2 cents :)

gnarslayer 07-02-2012 9:26 PM

38,000 for a beat up 05? no freaking way id pay that!
05 had the older hull and no power wedge right?
38 is not worth it in my opinion

wakebordr11 07-02-2012 9:31 PM

Agree with everything said here. Check only inboards. Some pristine boats out there for 38-46... Those are 04-06 lsv's... I might not even pay 35 for it, that's a big boat, unless you have the time and patience restoring gelcoat isn't very fun. Along with other hidden problems, you figure it needs 2 grand at least, always double it for a boat, 5 grand- 43 and you could've paid less or equal for a better boat you didn't have to bleed on.

apwrx 07-03-2012 6:41 PM

Hull changed in 04 on the 23's,power wedge 06 iirc. @ 32-35 i think it would be well worth it if everything checks out.

stuntmonkey 07-04-2012 3:54 PM

08 for power wedge I think?

apwrx 07-04-2012 6:57 PM

Power wedge was introduced for 06. I personally like my manual and not having to worry about sticky actuators,or finicky computers but some people love the convenience.....when it works.

acurtis_ttu 07-05-2012 9:16 AM

one of my neighbors on the lake ( Houston ) is sellign his 2005 malibu 23 lsv, 350 hrs ( i think) huge stereo...all black, pristine condition. low's 40's...boat is loaded.

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