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jmanst15 07-02-2012 8:46 AM

Anyone have a review for the HT-AS10???
Curious to see if this budget friendly sub has enough sound for a guy who is nowhere near an audiophile, to make the purchase worth it???

Where would be the best place to install this on an 01' VLX also. Thanks!

murphy_smith 07-03-2012 7:09 AM

I got a review and some first hand experience as of last night.

I posted up about 10 days ago that my brother in law ordered one of these for his pontoon boat. I went over last night to help him install and for a guy that does not have much 12volt experience, he already had the thing wired up and playing. So for starters, this is a plug and play application and it does not take much experience to be able to install and get it up and running.

Fit and Finish are impeccable - I mean this look likes it was built by a master cabinet maker for a miltimillion dollar home. Before we even got the unit we were thinking about building fasade to cover it up and we quickly decided t just let it shine! It is very simple looking box with rounded edges and smooth transitions where the box bends into the mounting feet. The grill and logo are classy and clean and the electronics panel on the rear is top notch. It was nice not haveing to bend my 6'2" frame into a compartment in order to adjust amp settings. We dialed this thing before we even screwed it to the floor.

As far as performance goes - this sub can hang! For years I ran a JL 12w6 in a sealed box with 500 watts going to it. This Wetsounds sub with 500 watts gets every bit output in the boat that my JL sub did and the Wetsounds sounds great as well.

I think that this sub works in many applications....it is perfect for the guy looking to round out a system with an all in one setup. It has enough bang to hang with 8 inboats and Im pretty confident that it can hang with a set of HLCD's. As you know, everything has it's limit and I think if you were trying to run this guy with 4 HLCD's, you might want to add another or look at another option such as the XXX.

We played it for about an hour and listened to hip hop, country, and some surf music (Bob Schneider)...it sounded great on all the genres. Amp never got hot and the performance was sharp

For the price and what you get, I'm not sure there is anything on the market that is pure marine and is this easy to install. This thing will out last your boat!!

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