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GatorMD97 06-30-2012 7:53 PM

Big Thanks to Mark @ Lakewakes.com
My son and I are ready to really get into wake surfing. I just got a new Tige RZ2 but don't have much access to any board shops in Central GA. Needless to say, the off the shelf big manufacturer boards just weren't working for me. Mark is not too far from me and happens to spend a bit of time on my home lake. Anyway, he came out with 3 demo boards today and gave me and my son a few tips and let us try out his custom boards. I don't have much experience with wake surfing but I have to say his boards seem very well made and they appear to be an excellent value. I can't comment to much on the rideability as I just don't have the experience yet but his larger board was much easier for me to ride than my liquid force custom thruster. Mark was very professional and didn't talk down about any other board manufacturers which I think is a huge plus. He simply pointed out the differences between the different types of boards and explained why he makes his the way he does. I'd recommend to anybody that they check out his boards, especially the grom boards. Now, tomorrow I get to check out a new Walker Project signature.

Rob17 07-01-2012 12:01 AM

Always good to hear of someone help to promote this great sport. I have been using a Walker Project F-18 for the last couple of years. I love it. I did try the 4.5 Signature the other day and had a blast. I really like this board a ton. I was also fortunate enough to try a 4.9 (I think) Walker Project Bomb Pop. Both boards were impressive. The 4.8 felt long to me but pretty stable. The signature was a blast! Fast! I think either of these boards would really help move anyone's skills forward.

Jbort 07-01-2012 4:17 AM

nice to see it was a good day with lots of fun. Mark is a cool guy and knows alot. Give a shout if visiting Lake Lanier sometime.

Squid 07-05-2012 9:30 PM

Great dude! great product! My son rides the GROM 44 and went wireless on his 4th session! Short turnaround for a custom board & I say 2 thumbs up for sure!

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