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corbin86 06-30-2012 8:11 PM

Got my Rev10s ordered
Hey guys i got my two sets of rev10s and two syn 4 Amp and then decided to go with the alpine CDA 118M deck just for the feture it had volume controll for two seprate zones to i didnt have to by the wetsound 420 eq to have zone control. I priced every thing threw stereo king out of portland and then car toys a local stereo shop in spokane wear i live price matched everthing so i didnt have to pay for shipping. Im pretty stoked to get these bad boys hook up and see how loud they really.

HoldenH2O 06-30-2012 8:24 PM

Just hooked up a pair of pro 80s. They are incredible. Given that, you will ABSOLUTELY be blown away by that setup.

The alpine deck looks sick.

CobraRob 06-30-2012 9:33 PM

I get all of my stuf from Stereo King however, I can just swing by..

As fro the dual zone I have that same HU and why not just set the front / rear to inboat / tower... No need for the dual zone. I never used the dual zone and it seemed like more of a hassel anyway.

However, with the new upgrades I have moved on to a 420 anyway.. Just haven't finished the install yet.

bryce2320 07-08-2012 5:51 PM

Have you got the rev 10s installed yet corby? Im thinking bout getting one pair and was wondering if theyre what you hoped for

corbin86 07-08-2012 8:17 PM

Hey bryce i havnt got them yet i went threw a local dealer in my town and they didnt have them so they orded them but i wont be back to the states until aug so shortly after that they will be cranken. i did alot of research on them thoe and didnt find any thing bad about them and if you order them dont pay over a grand for them. i called a few places got quotes and then got some one local to match it thats the best way to go and thats with the swivile mount too

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