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xstarrider 06-30-2012 7:54 PM

PPI E.DZ Dual Zone Equalizer vs Clarion Eqs7
So am doing a budget install on a club boat for the lake. I currently own a WS 420 so am familiar with it. Came across the PPI eq and seems to be a bit more versatile than the clarion we were originally going to go with obviously price point is our number one goal as we are footing the bill for a community boat.

Figured it's dual zone, and by ppi and this eq would allow us to adjust inboats different than the towers like on the 420. What are your guys thoughts. At 50$ with an 8 v line driver built in it seems to be a great alternative and edges out the clarion.


shawndoggy 06-30-2012 9:12 PM

Buy it, try it and report back.

I have the clarion (recently replaced with an exile zld). For the money the clarion sounds great (and definitely better than the ws420). Can't go wrong with the clarion IMHO.

xstarrider 07-02-2012 8:33 AM

Well ordered up the PPI for the club boat. We will see how it functions and lasts.

Truekaotik 07-02-2012 9:26 PM

I will just say... For $50... If it has good SQ and last a year, it was worth the price.... Every year after is a bonus... Enjoy!

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