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melvinator 06-30-2012 5:42 PM

question for chaos and other shapers
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I am loving my carbon x "copy" way better than the broadcast I was riding. Took a while to get used to the quickness. The broadcast is like a Cadillac and my board is more like a Porsche! Not bagging on the HL just different, everyone in my crew loves it too:)

Anyway I am going to try another, thinner this time and maybe the traction pad recessed in. I was thinking maybe 6" longer and a bit more rocker in the tip. How would it ride if I basically just stretched the shape? Would it need to be wider? How would less "arc" in the sidecut effect the ride? Probably go with (2) 2-2.5" fins again angled towards the nose.

Would a 3 fin set-up slow down the responsiveness? This board would be for more beginner-intermediate riders.

brewkettle 06-30-2012 7:33 PM

Imoa, more then 2 fins on a wakesurf board is not necessary

Chaos 07-04-2012 12:00 PM

First, not sure about recessing an portion of the deck or really specifically just a traction pad area. You are just adding a lot of glassing and sanding work. If you just want to remove center volume, just add a concave deck, feathering out to the rails. A concave deck is actually stronger then the typical convex deck as well.

Fins are personal preference. In general, you will not be able to drive a twin fin board with your back foot or do a real bottom turn. A center fin or quad set up does create more drag, all things created equal than a twin fin, but you gain the ability to truly drive the board.

A general rule of thumb, is the last 3-6 inches of a board are superfluous. However, the constraints of the wake surfer are much tighter. Adding a significant amount of rise or rocker in the last few inches of the nose will have little effect on the overall ride. it can help preventing the board from pearling, but it also limits reverses, shuvs, etc.,

In general straightening the outline increases speed, while sacrificing looseness. A rounder template is looser, ATCE.

melvinator 07-07-2012 7:05 PM

4 smaller fins are better than 2 larger fins? Should I angle the outside fins and leave the inner fins straight? What about tail shape? Thinking a wider more square tail.

melvinator 07-13-2012 2:45 PM

Over 300 views and only 2 replys. Does nobody in this forum have any experience on different board shapes and how they ride? That is pretty sad, if i posted on the wakeboard forum asking about shape/fin placement/size for a wakeboard I would get tons of replys. This surf forum is good for 3 things, what board should I buy, how do I weight my boat and the big world ending problem of surf vs. skim!

e_rock32 07-13-2012 3:22 PM

From my knowledge, if you keep the back fins straight, it should ride like a thruster (has more traction going straight). Angling the fins allows for a looser feel and quick response between turns.

Square/squash tail are good for airs and offer stability in the tail but are not as responsive from edge to edge (but the radius of the trailing edge could help with this)
Pintails (thinner tails) are made for bigger-faster waves, can handle speed whips
Round tails offer some stability with their width and are the most responsive from edge to edge

You'll see the swallow tail too, which is made for a wider range of wave size. Can handle higher speeds of big waves, but wide enough for stability on smaller waves. The tail in your picture I would expect to ride like a combination of round tail and swallow tail, looks pretty fun.

What are you using for a stringer and where do you get it from?

melvinator 07-13-2012 4:23 PM

Finally info I can use!!! Thank you! What do you mean by radius of the trailing edge? Round the bottom of the rear of the tail?
What advantage is there to angled fins, angled towards the nose and angled at 5-10 degrees up and down?
I am seeing boards with big fins about a foot from the rear near the rail and then 2 very small fins towards the middle at the very tail, what is the advantage of that.
and here is the write up I did on that board. http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?t=793716
I have made 4 sup's and a wakesurfer now and am having fun. I want to make more wakesurfers but don't want to waste $200 on a turd:)

e_rock32 07-13-2012 6:10 PM

What I mean is if you have a square tail, if the side edge of the board meets the tail at a 90 degree angle or less, the board will not be as responsive as one that has a greater angle. The closer your tail shape comes to becoming a round tail, the more responsive it will be. The wider your tail, the more stability. The skinnier your tail, the more it can handle high speeds and steeper waves (not really a concern for wakesurfing, any wave smaller than 10 feet, or a wave that's not barreling).

http://www.tactics.com/info/guide-to-surfboard-fins This website explains fins

The cant angle of the fin is built in, the reason they may vary is due to concavity of the board. Larger concave, you'll want more cant angle. The cant helps make the board more responsive. Not sure who found the most ideal cant angle, but you don't really have much choice unless you use glass on fins.

Same with toe angle, except not sure what the ideal angle is for that, but towards the nose helps make the board more responsive.

The trailing fins that are straight help it stay straight and add traction for a more locked in feel. The trailing fins are good for bigger and faster waves, where traction and stability are needed for high speed bottom turns. And I've heard quads make the board accelerate when turning because the toe angle.

melvinator 07-13-2012 7:45 PM

Sweet, that is just the kind of info I was looking for. I can't wait to start trying out my own shapes. I think I will slowly tweak what I already made.

e_rock32 07-14-2012 10:23 PM

Another thing you can try out is a spine in the tail, I did that in my board and even though it's pretty wide, it maneuvers really well.

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