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lc47 06-29-2012 5:24 PM

Charlotte, Lake Norman, any other lake in the area!
Hey there Charlotte area riders and surfers,

My name is Chris and I ride/surf at least once a week, if not more when I am back at home in Phoenix(SAN 220). I've been on the road for three weeks for work and jonesing to get out on the water. I'm stuck in Charlotte for the holiday weekend and hear the wake/surf screen is pretty good out here. Don't have any equipment with me but would love to just get out, maybe borrow your surf for a session. I've got plenty of $$, beer, what ever it takes! I would gladly return the favore if your ever out in Phoenix! Not sure how trashed the water gets out here this weekend, but if you need a third, fourth, or fifth shoot me a text or call 480-495-9495.

Chris M

lc47 06-29-2012 8:57 PM

Screen=scene, whoops!
Screen=scene, whoops!

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