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corbin86 06-29-2012 9:07 AM

Help selectin board for beginners
Hey guys im going to by me and my girl boards this year iv wakeboarded a few times with freinds but nothing really what would be good starter boards for us. Im 5,10 185 and she is 5,4 105. not looking to go pro any time soon just get a good board that is better to learn on then the more advaced boards

tahoeguy7 06-29-2012 10:02 AM

My advice would be to stick with a name brand (CWB, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, etc). The cheap off-brand boards have a tendency to break easier, and nothing will ruin a good day on the lake worse than breaking the only board in the boat.

corbin86 06-29-2012 10:28 AM

iv looked around and the CWB sole sounds like a beginner board has any one rode one of theses

rwrasta52 07-02-2012 8:35 AM

Id go with a hyperlite forefront. It has toeside lift and longer fins to help develop your toeside which his great for beginners. You also will not outgrow it right away and it can progress with you alot further then any of the other beginner boards. You can also replace the larger toeside fins to the smaller ones once you get the hang of the toeside edge. Many combo boards come with garbage bindings, the forefront combos normally come with remix bindings which are a decent open tow boot. We use the forefront for our club board and it has been great for people to learn on. The stiching in the remix bindings recently broke after a year but they were covered under warrantly and hyperlite is replacing them.

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