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depswa 06-27-2012 5:45 PM

WSOP 2012!!! (Buffalow? Mike? Anyone else?)
So...Friday I'm flying to Vegas...playing the $1,500 NLHE event on Sat.

I played a $1,000 event last year and decided the 3,00 starting stack was too small to be effective for my playing style and I decided that paying an extra $500 for 50% more chips (4,500) would be worth it, as I found if you lose 1-2 pots at 3,000 you start to feel desperate...although...I did grind away last year for over 8hrs....I missed cash by 70-80 players in a heat of 2200 I think 300 cashed and advanced to day 2...

So...what do you guys think is the best way to play an event where you start with 4,500 chips starting at 25/25 200-300 players with hour long levels? ABC poker just playing premium hands and wait for the field to thin itself out? Or should I play a little looser and try to chip up by hitting some trap hands and taking advantage of the nitts?

Last year I played ABC, but never really got a run of cards. I think ABC until I chip up (hopefully) then play a little more aggro if I have the chip cushion is probably the best...but I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts.

My style

sidekicknicholas 06-28-2012 6:59 AM

I've never played in an event that big (Biggest I've done was like 100 people).....

My usual strategy is to only play blinds or something amazing for the first long while.... the idiots will weed themselves out quickly and you can try and pick up on people's play styles.... also during that time hope that people pick up on your "style" of playing blinds and good hands.... then it is a lot easier to bluff if people that is the only time you're in.
The problem you run with this is it is rare you start moving tables with a lot of chips.... you'll have been sitting for 2+ hours and still have 4.5k chips +/- while some big dogs have 15k+.... then they can bully a bit.
..... it is tough though to not try and see a lot of flops because it is "cheap", but I always find myself chasing stuff if that is the case.

williamburell 06-28-2012 7:22 AM


So...what do you guys think is the best way to play an event where you start with 4,500 chips starting at 25/25 200-300 players with hour long levels? ABC poker just playing premium hands and wait for the field to thin itself out? Or should I play a little looser and try to chip up by hitting some trap hands and taking advantage of the nitts?
When I play larger events I typically play blinds for awhile and play good hands hard. Once the knuckle draggers start clearing seats you can play alittle more tactical but I refuse to slow play or limp in on strong hands with a sloppy field. I would rather pick up a couple of blinds every few rounds and play conservative. Also I have popped more than enough times trying to steal bb's from sb so just watch for those kind of mistakes.


. it is tough though to not try and see a lot of flops because it is "cheap", but I always find myself chasing stuff if that is the case.
QFT! Ive found over the years that I always get myself in trouble just limping in. If the hand is good enough to play its good enough to raise. You come in with 8-3 os and flop 8-2-4. Someone at that table is holding a better kicker at minimum. You can't bet in too hard b/c you are a kicker away from being destroyed and can't limp b/c you have 6 overcards for them to draw to.I just never find that it works out that well unless you are playing a crappy set of suits or low straight draws.

ScottR 06-28-2012 9:56 AM

I played in that exact event 2 years ago. It is much better than the event you played. In this event you will see all kinds of bad play early. You need to take advantage but never get too involved if that makes sense. Try to play strong hands early and hard but with the kind of play you will see make sure you take them down preflop of prior to turn. IMO I saw alot of guys chase chase only to catch up to the power hand who was winning the whole way. These guys there will chase, even paying $1500. Sick but true. Play premium hands only for a while....4-6 hours at least. Then you can be a bit more tactical. It was amazing to me to see AA KK cracked about 5 times in the first 8 hours with hands like J9 or even 24.... They limped then let them stick around for turn and river too cheap. Then just be very aware of chip count especially after river if you happen to get there. My rule is to really try very very hard not to see a river and if I have too I am very very nervous unless I have the absolute nuts. If not, I don't get carried away with my betting. Winning small pots vs losing big ones.

All things in poker that are somewhat said over and over again, but play solid early. Take advantage of bad play when you can, but never get deep into a pot with someone who has proven they have no regard for their $1500.... Good luck man!

williamburell 06-28-2012 11:41 AM

^couldn't agree more with that
We should all know that poker is not about what is in your hand but what is in everyone elses. Until play slows down to where that is possible all you are doing is playing the odds. I'll still take my AA odds over that J-9 everyday but the reality is that 20% of the time you are gonna lose that hand.

BCPMike0663 06-29-2012 12:46 PM

Sorry I didn't post earlier but I have been sick. Not playing in any events spent too much money on the house so I am on restriction for a while. Anyway the biggest tourneys I have played in are $200 buy in. So I have not played at these stakes, but my advice would be ABC poker at the start. I also agree with Scott R don't try to get too fancy play your hands straight forward. If you start limping with AA I think you are just begging to get yourself in trouble.

One thing I have noticed is that it doesn't matter what stakes you are playing there is still some bad play and you need to take advantage of this. When I have been playing lately I can tell the people that don't know what they are doing very quickly. What I am surprised by is these people even play at higher stakes (just because you have more money doesn't mean you are a better player) so take advantage of people chasing draw, and punish them for it.

I am sure this is all stuff you already know but I have been doing some reading lately and using it in my game. I am currently reading Kill Everyone which is pretty good. Always remember these important points.

1. Position. I have been playing some cash lately (just 1-2) and have been killing it by just not playing hands out of position. People will pretty much tell you if they are going to fold or not. (this is not online where there are all kinds of crazy re-raises live is much more straight forward).
2. Your image and if your opponent can even notice your image. If you haven't played a hand in an hour some players will notice some will not. Take advantage of it both ways.
3. Try to pick up on styles of the other players. This will help you know when to bluff and when you better have the goods.

I know this is all basic but I have to remind myself of these factors everytime I play. Especially position!!!. A-10 suited under the gun looks good but I am throwing that away but in late position is strong. You have to remind yourself of this especially if you go card dead for a while.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

phatboypimp 06-30-2012 11:14 AM

I can no longer read this thread - it is like it is written in another language. I can't understand anything anyone is saying. lol

wakeworld 06-30-2012 8:16 PM

Dan, keep us updated on this thread when you get breaks. Use Tapatalk from your phone. It will be cool to follow along!

depswa 07-05-2012 12:49 PM

Well...I busted pretty early right before the break...about and hour and a half in I ran into a set of 3s with my AK flopping top top...he called a 4xbb bet with his 33 preflop...ugh...crippled me. Then last hand before the break I was short stacked...look down at 99....perfect...someone will think I'm trying to steal since there were limpers and I was in position...yep...called by JToff...whoops...he rivered broadway.

Played the 6pm Rio deepstack after that and that was more my speed...10k starting stack was nice compared to the 4500 in the $1500 event. In the first hour I had KK2x, AA, JJ, 88 (that flopped a set and cracked AA from a player that just called my preflop raise...no 3bet got her in trouble!!!)., etc...Was nice to be chipped up early...but as usual....hot early means card dead later....lost a couple races and then basically blinded down to 8,500 and 400/800 blinds w/ antes...managed to work it back to 40k and cards were hitting again...except...when I got KK UTG and guy on my left shoved for about 1/2 my stack and I call on.ly for him to flop a set of 8's....oh well...live by the...die by them. After that...I misplayed a flopped nut flush draw...preflop caller min bet a ddd board and I had Ad...I called just see a cheap card...oops...should've 3-bet it...turn was wrong suit and guy made it too expensive to see the river. Last hand I call a 77 shove with AK and miss...Oh well...made it to 190th of 900 players (only 117 paid)....Boo! Oh well...next year!!

wakeworld 07-05-2012 5:02 PM

That sucks, but it sure sounds like you know what you're doing! Better luck next time. Thanks for posting the details!

buffalow 07-09-2012 8:11 AM

Hey Dan, that sucks, but that's poker. Have you red "the little green book". Out of all the books I read it is the one that hit home the most for me. Really stress simple, position based, and aggressive when you are in type of play. This works very well in home games under 50 people.

I have never played a tournament like you were in, but I would agree with most of the guys. Hang out awhile, mainly to not get trapped by a bad beat. Lots of idiots that think they can play in the beginning and they are bound to make a hand once in a awhile. I always think how a Phil H. would show up day two and just blind out on the first day since it made very little difference in chip stack and would not get stuck playing with the bozos.

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