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waketx05 06-24-2012 7:21 PM

CWB Vibe vs. Saber
I just discovered that I can get very good deals on CWB boards and was curious as to the differences between the two.. I most only ride cable and would be riding them both finless so other than that.. Flex Properties?! Bases?? How long each lasts?! Any comments help.. Thanks a lot WW!!

delphidelatorre 06-25-2012 1:15 AM

the saber is just the cheaper version of the vibe. both are good, but im sure the vibe is much better.

Prestoooooo 06-27-2012 11:44 AM

They are very similar but the saber has a more cable oriented flex pattern. The vibe would be better behind the boat. In my opinion CWB makes some of the most durable park boards so I don't think you can go wrong in the category.

bbr 06-27-2012 1:03 PM

Both boards are VERY well built. The bases on both are super durable and should last quite a long time since you ride cable most of the time. We have trex on our rails, which is harder on boards than what you find at a cable, and trust me when I say they can take a beating.

Both boards can also be ridden well behind the boat, as I'm currently riding the Saber 145, and my buddy is on the Vibe 142. The Saber with track a bit better on the water because of the larger fin set up.

Landings on the Saber are really, really soft, and it pops hard. The flex is so much fun.

You can't go wrong with either board in my opinion.

devildog_ra 06-27-2012 1:26 PM

I have been riding a vibe 2011 147 for the past year and really love it. Yesterday i rode a 2012 145 saber at a good vibes tour stop and i liked it as well, it seemed a little more responsive (maybe because it is a little smaller than what im used to.) I felt like the two were very similar since i ride with no fins. If you are going to ride with fins i would recomend the vibe since they are very low profile.

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