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Jmaxymek 06-24-2012 6:12 PM

Double Flips? (Cable)
At the cable today a few people were making comments about how much time I had after my first tantrum, that i could probably squeeze a second rotation in there. So I gave it a shot, or ten, and came so close to the point where I was coming all the way around both flips and just digging my toe edge. I'm not even grabbing them, just tucking pretty tight. Are doubles common at all, because if I can get close on my first day, plenty of others must have them down-pat right?

cheesydog 06-24-2012 8:02 PM

No I wouldnt say they are common, but there are a few riders doing them consistently now. The thing is, the difference between close and landing it is usually a bit further than you might think. Also it gets really tiring taking a beating on crashing doubles. However youre right, if you have the persistence, and you manage to not get injured you should be able to stick it eventually. Get some video when you do!

waketx05 06-24-2012 8:28 PM

I've been really wanting to commit to a half cab double roll.. i have a switch roll to revert down.. but I'm PETRIFIED of trying to squeeze another in... thats also because of work and bills and everything else.. just my 2cents tho

gotwake133 06-24-2012 9:06 PM

Double flips are becoming pretty common at the cable, lots of people have been doing/attempting them off the new XL unit kicker at OWC. I did attempt a few double half cabs, and the biggest thing is just committing. If you fully commit and hold the grab, they come around a lot easier than I would have thought. Don't get me wrong, its still a hard trick and I got absolutely destroyed on a few, but came fairly close. As long as you fully commit, all there is to do is just chuck and tuck!

Jmaxymek 06-24-2012 9:33 PM

I tried a few double cab rolls too, but was much closer with the tantrums. Man I wish I had something like OWC nearby, the kicker im hitting is 4ft tall I think, maybe 5.

waketx05 06-24-2012 10:09 PM

jordan.. where do you ride?

Jmaxymek 06-25-2012 6:52 PM

I live on Eagle Lake in Maple Grove, MN, and ride cable at Vision Wake Park in Isanti. It's a new cable that just went in this summer.

petrie141 06-25-2012 8:24 PM

In 06 at TSR I tried my first double as my "wildcard" trick. The closest I got to a double was a toeside double backroll. I would trip my toes of land flat and wash out. It can be done though!

06-25-2012 8:38 PM

Double to flat water equals double destruction to your body.

petrie141 06-26-2012 7:20 AM


Originally Posted by terrybailey10 (Post 1762746)
Double to flat water equals double destruction to your body.

Man, you're not kidding. I still here the sound. WHOP!

cheesydog 06-26-2012 10:18 PM

ha ha yeh thats the thing with doubles, you try a few and think, hmm not bad. Then at some point you will colossally eat *****. Taking and edge or landing on your face is not fun with the height and speed of impact from a double gone wrong

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