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k9fxr 06-22-2012 6:42 PM

Double your wake equipment warrantee
Never thought to take advantage of my credit card warrantee protection, but it WORKS!!!
At least 2 of my cards will double a manufacturers warrantee up to an extra year. Just have to put the whole purchase on the card.
My wakeboard was just our of warrantee, and the manufacturer could only give me a discounted board, but I remembered paying by cr card. Visa called the manufacturer and paid me the amount to replace the board. If the wb company had charged me full price, they would have paid that.

Got my check today!
Now a new warrantee period begins, and I have 2 years AGAIN

Not all cards do it, but I know my Chase Saphire does and Capital One Platinum (thank you!) does.
There is a process: receipt, statement, copy of warrantee, etc but it only took me a week.

Hope this helps

501s 06-22-2012 7:09 PM

That is awesome to hear. Everyone wins but the credit card company, but then again they always win so it's fair.

durty_curt 07-01-2012 1:08 PM

That's crazy I still can't wrap my head around the concept on exactly how that works. Then again I'm currently half awake

dirwoody 07-02-2012 10:42 AM

Hmmmmmm......got me pondering this one pretty heavily, as I've been known to warranty about everything under the sun! If they're going to warranty it, I'm going to use it!

k9fxr 07-03-2012 9:47 PM

You can usually send the receipt in when you buy something to have it on file, or keep them and submit them when needed. My check from Visa is in the bank.

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