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murphy_smith 06-21-2012 6:36 PM

WetSounds HS AS-10
My brother in law is looking to add a sub woofer and amp to his pontoon boat. We came across this all in one combo from Wetsounds - does anyone have any experience with it. He is looking for something like this where he does not have to screw with getting a box, resin, finding a sub, wiring the woofer etc....this almost seems too easy.

It looks like it is a fiberglass sealed enclosure with a 500 watt class D amp attached powering a 10" woofer. Cost is around $549. I really like how all the controls are in one spot

I know it is really new to the market - but looking for some additional feedback.

Check out the pics - it's pretty cool.



hunter660 06-21-2012 6:52 PM

If it's from Wetsounds I'm sure it's good to go.

murphy_smith 06-22-2012 9:38 PM

I guess since this product is so new - there are not many with feedback.

Well he ordered it anyway - I post some feedback in the next couple of weeks when it is delivered and installed

jrw160 06-22-2012 10:31 PM

I don't know anything about this new sub. I've been really impressed with everything wetsounds makes, with the exception of their subs. I haven't heard an xs-12 that sounds good yet. I've heard a few xxx's that sound ok, but for the money, there are lots of better options.

wetsounds1 06-23-2012 8:42 AM

He is going to love this sub murphy. The AS-10 is an awesome system. Being that it is compact and all in one with the built in 500 watt amp. It really is super easy to add bass to just about anything. Cant wait to hear the feedback on what he thinks.

Justin, how were the subs you "heard" set up? I find it very odd that you would say that. The guys at Hydrotunes have done hundreds of installs in boats and will tell you that our Tige with two XXX subs is the hardest hitting boat they have built. And there are some they did Ten 10's and another with some larger subs and so on.

So in the end, it is how the system is set up and not the sub itself. The XS-12 and XS-XXX like ported boxes. So in sealed they do OK but ported they will blow you away. Also, power and location. Chucktronics had a customer who had a XS-XXX in a pre fab box in the back locker of a boat with a free air woofer grille as a vent hole. Guy and his buddy blamed the XXX for poor performance. And wanted to change to another woofer. Boat also had 1000 watts amp with spliced together 4 ga. Just poor install on every level and poor location. Chucktronics explained that it was nothing to do with the woofer and the XXX is an amazing woofer. So he built a new enclosure in a new location. New amp and new wiring and new tuning. Guy was blown away and his buddy who was with him blaming the XXX ordered a XXX for his boat.

Wet Sounds

jmanst15 06-27-2012 10:43 AM

any other reviews on the Ht -AS 10. Seriously considering buying one!

murphy_smith 06-27-2012 1:32 PM

According to UPS tracking - the package was delivered today. Be back with a review soon

882001 06-27-2012 3:51 PM

95% of stereo is in the install and setup. i have heard a ton of hlcd stereos that sound worse than a well set up car speaker.i hear subs all the time that totally miss rather than hit. not the subs fault. im sure this setup is nice

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