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chexi 06-21-2012 11:25 AM

Kicker 11SKM10 Sub - reviews?
Anyone have any experience with the Kicker 11SKM10 sub (or its predecessors)? This sub intrigues me, as I might be able to transfer it back and forth between my 2000 SAN and my 2003 Sequoia. I don't want a permanent sub in my Sequoia, because I use it to cart around stuff occassionally in the cabin and can't really figure out a good place for a sub this will be out of the way all the time. It also seems to have a lot of placement options boat-wise.

I have enough amps to build the amps in to both the boat and truck.

I am not a superbass type of guy, but I do want to have a full range of audio in both my boat and truck, which is presently lacking. So, if anyone has this sub or its predecessor or has heard them, I would welcome your thoughts.

nailem 06-21-2012 7:57 PM

I just put one in my 05' enzo. Now i do not really have anything to compare it to. I'm in lake Erie and there are not to many wake boats around. It seems like a well made sub and the box is very durable. As far as sound. I am running it off a zx700.5 so i think I'm right where i should be power wise. It sounds real good with the volume at 18 or above on my head unit. My out put before clipping is 24 . And that is with the gain around 90% under that volume it does not seem to have much punch.

chpthril 06-21-2012 9:30 PM


The KM10 has a 150W rms and 300 peak rating. The ZX700.5 will be delivering 210W to your sub. Your gains should not be above half way.
Where is the sub chnl getting its signal...head-unit directly or passing through from "Amp-1"?
What is the cross-over set to? I like 80Hz for that amp and sub.
Bass-Boost: Start with it @ zero. If you want to add a little, the gain needs to be reduced.
Are you using the sub control dial?

This setup will not kill fish or ripple water, but should be a nice compliment to your in-boats.


The KM10 is great sub for the money. It doesn't require a ton of power to drive and is very musical. It is a nice balance with 4-6 moderately powered in-boats. Ive powered them from 150W to 300W rms.

nailem 06-22-2012 9:55 AM

currently i have the tower speakers (6500.2) run off a kicker 500.4 from one out put on the head unit. the other out put from the head unit is running to my 700.5. so to answer your question the sub is coming through amp1. i did some car audio stuff when i was younger so it has been a long time. i did it this way so i could fade out the in boat and sub and leave the tower up. most of my time is spent with the wife and two young daughters.
i would definitely take suggestions. i have not tuned with a scope yet but i am trying to get my hands on one. even though it is a less expensive, moderate system i would still like it set up correctly.
i love the way everything sounds but to get any real bass i have to have the volume up above 18. i do have the remote bass gain. the gain on the amp is set at 90% but for most songs i have to have the remote gain set at 90% also. bass boost is set at maybe 5% just because i read so much about staying away from it. head unit is set with bass at +2.
again above 18 in volume it thumps really good but below that you can hardly hear it
any help would be great.
i also mounted it on the back side of my kick panel under the helm facing the kick panel. i tried on the out side facing out and i did not think it sounded as good but i will take suggestions there too.


chexi 06-22-2012 10:14 PM

Thank you gentlemen.

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