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06-20-2012 11:15 PM

2004 toyota sequoia
hi there you guys. I'm looking into buying a 2004 Toyota sequoia do you guys think it could tow a 1996 Hydrodyne Grand Sport up to Lake Tahoe.

loudontn 06-21-2012 3:48 AM

I see you're in Santa Clara, which is about a three and a half hour drive to Lake Tahoe (according to Google maps). I'm not sure how much the Hydrodyne weighs because I'm not familiar with that boat but if I remember correctly it's a ~21ft direct drive, I imagine the Sequoia would be perfect for that tow. I tow my 24 Launch with an 03 Sequoia and though it sags the back slightly I probably wouldn't have a problem doing the same tow (though I'd be shelling out loads for gas).


h2ohangtime 06-21-2012 4:25 AM

Make sure it has a transmission in good working order, because you'll likely blow through it doing that drive up 80 or 50 on a regular basis.

jmurez 06-21-2012 7:45 AM

Unless you have a specific 2004 you are looking at, try to go with 2005-2007. 2005 got a little face lift (you can tell by the tail lights) and was the first year of the 5 spd. transmission (2004 below is 4 spd.). Also, I know my 2005 was listed at 273 hp, which was a little bump from prior years (I think 240 hp). Only major maintenance to watch for is a timing belt @ 100k.

antoddio 06-21-2012 8:11 AM

Post the weight of your rig for a more accurate answer.

You might consider getting a 4 runner of the same year- has a 1000lb greater tow rating. If you don't need the room.

06-21-2012 10:25 AM

the boat weighs 2550 pounds plus i live in Santa Rosa, ca

06-21-2012 10:31 AM

oh and do you guys think it could tow a 2000 or 2001 mastercraft x-star up to lake tahoe.

06-21-2012 10:33 AM

plus do you guys think it could tow a 2000 or a 2001 mastercraft x-star up to lake tahoe

polarbill 06-21-2012 10:43 AM

I think a V6 4runner or tacoma would tow your boat or the 2000-2001 xstar up to tahoe. It just might be real slow going. The Xstar probably only weighs 500-600 more then the hydrodyne. I think a sequoia would be fine as long as you take it a little easy and drop it into 3rd gear or whatever up hills. May look at a transmission cooler though.

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