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duffymahoney 06-20-2012 9:48 AM

Acme 5 blade wakesurfing review and beta testing
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So I got a Acme 5 blade 2133- 14.00X13.50VL5B 1.125 .105 cup to test for surfing. As most of you know, I have tried all sorts of props. I have changed v-drive ratios in boats, tried new cups pitches and they never worked liked I had hoped and I hate hate hate cavitation.

Test boat. My 2005 Tige 24v. 3200 in ballast and 7 adults (I would guess 1100 pounds of people). Water wasn't super flat but not too bad.

Props tested:

1579 13.5 x 14.25 LH 1 1/8 Bore .105 CUP- 12.7 mph 3300-3400 rpms- Boat holds speed but rpms are high and it tends to cavitate with any bumps or waves. Wave is pretty clean but tends to have a slight wash every few seconds.

381 13.5 x 17.5 LH 1 1/8 Bore .105 CUP- 12.7 mph 3000-3100 rpms- Boat doesn't hold speed as well. More lead or people needs to be moved to the bow to hold speed and wake plate or taps needs to be lowered to hold speed affecting the wave. Any rough water makes holding speed worse. Wave is nice and clean.

2133- 5 blade 12.7 mph 2900-3000 rpms- Boat sounds so weird. Like a low singing roar. Gosh the best way to describe it is the boat doesn't care about the ballast. Literally could have surfed 18mph with it. It jumps to speed so fast, and the getting to speed is very smooth. It's hard to describe. Boat held speed perfectly through chop and waves. Also gas consumption was only 8 gallons in a couple hour set. So that was nice! I think 5 blades are a game changer for surf boats. Wave is nice and clean.

I did try other mphs. Same basic results but lower rpms across the board. The 381 works if you play with weight placement enough. The 5 blade didn't care were weight was and we moved weight for the best wave possible. Below are pics of the clean wave with the 5 blade and my buddy surfing.

okwakebdr 06-20-2012 10:24 AM

Did you test the 2133 for anything other than surfing? I mostly wakeboard. I have a 1579 on my Nautique 210, and would like to try the 2133, but I've heard very mixed reviews. Most say that it will run less RPMs, but it doesn't really plane out any faster.

duffymahoney 06-20-2012 10:30 AM

Sorry I didn't. I can today or tomorrow hopefully. The 24v isn't the best wakeboard boat.

SacSurfer 06-20-2012 10:36 AM


I have the same 1579 on my Nautique 2010 - 210, I was looking at the 5 blades, but no one seems to be running them on the 210's. If you get one let me know, I'm thinking it might be the prop and keep my 1579 as a backup prop.

dreamer 06-20-2012 11:54 AM

Hey Duffy, I told you the 5 blade was the "surf" prop. How close was that 14" diameter to your hull? Did they trim it for you?

duffymahoney 06-20-2012 2:41 PM

I didn't measure, I changed it at the marina boat launch. But acme told me i'm right on the edge

ragboy 06-21-2012 4:26 PM

I have the 1235 on the Z3, and it feels like it doesn't care about weight at all either, but when I am unloaded and cruising, the engine seems to have too much power for it, and it would over rev if I let it. I was told the 1235 is great for the 340HP motor, but for the 409 I have, I should try the 1941, which I want to do, just haven't had time, and the 1235 works great for surfing, rarely cruise.

I am going to have to add that 2133 to the list to test, sounds awesome.

dougr 06-21-2012 4:33 PM

duffy stop testing Sh@t, it is costing me more money.lol

ragboy 06-21-2012 7:31 PM

True story.

SacSurfer 07-13-2012 11:20 AM


Any reports back on the 5blade?

Houstonshark 07-13-2012 1:07 PM

On a similar note, I just tested a 5 blade ACME 2245 M39 (14.50X14.50VL5B 1.125 .060) on my Tige RZR and after 2 days with it, I actually kinda like it. After going back and looking at and timing some video, this prop actually got the boat out of the hole about 2 seconds faster than the 1235 for wakeboarding with a decent amount of ballast.

For surfing, the holeshot was great as well and it seemed to hold the speed pretty well. I didn't get a chance to test it back to back against the 1235 with the same set up as I have been tweaking the weight in the boat but the prop wash seemed to be less on the 2245 and the surf wake was nice and clean.

Here's a quick video of the surf wake. Sorry, the lighting is poor as is the camera work (from my 4yr old, playing around with the GoPro) and my riding as I am quite the novice and have only been riding for a couple months (maybe 10-12 sets as we mostly wakeboard and tend to surf at the very end of the day).


I was still able to get a little over 39mph out of the 2245 vs 36mph on the 1235 and 44mph on the stock 1631. The RPM's at surf speeds (10.6-10.8mph) seemed about the same, but maybe a little lower than the 1235. It was about 200rpm's lower for wakeboarding speeds @ 23mph. As a note, it did not hold 23mph very well as the water conditions and drag on the boat changed compared to the 1235. I'm guessing this has to do with the RPM's being lower.

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