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the_fish 06-19-2012 1:17 PM

Spring2Summer Results-AJ Racinelli and Dylan Prideaux
Had the pleasure of watching both of these guys ride in person at Spring2Summer here in Guntersville last weekend where Racinelli took the podium, 2k, and a golden ticket to the Knoxville PWT stop. I've heard of him, but he was amazing to watch in person. Tons of style.

The real surprise to me was Dylan Prideaux. Apparently he's done pretty well on the Jr. Tour. Until his last set in the finals, I thought he would take the podium. Anybody else know anything about this guy?

The Pro Open finals were 1) Racinelli 2) Phil Aslinger 3) Ben Allbright

This was by far the best field of riders at S2S so far, but it would've been nice if 2011 champ Matt Sims could've competed.

Here's a link to Dirtbag Production's photos of the event and supposedly there is some video to come out soon.


downfortheride 06-19-2012 2:28 PM

Love seeing the pics start popping up on Facebook. Pro rider for Wakeology Wakeboards did work. Congrats Racinelli...

WakeDad 06-28-2012 11:14 PM

Dylan is a 17 year old Aussie Kid.

He finished 3rd last year in Junior Pro's at the Worlds, and on the Pro Tour and at Wake Games. It was Shota's year and Daniel Powers coming close 2nd.

Dylan finished 2nd to Dowdy at the first stop this year and then took the ballsy move to ride in Open Pro's for the rest of the tour.

Back home in Australia he has some great results winning the 2011 National Pro Mens Title and the last two Australian Moomba Masters where this year he had to beat Daniel Powers, Steel Lafferty and a host of other riders from Australia and overseas.

He has been trying to keep a low profile this year and just focus on his riding.

He is sponsored by Billabong, Von Zipper, Nautique and Moskova and is on the Global CTRL Team.

He was gutted he didn't win in Alabama, everyone told me his Semi ride was ridiculous but he had nothing left in the tank for the final. Congrats to AJ hey!

If you want to check out more about Dylan have at look at his blogsite dpwake.com

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