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ord27 06-18-2012 2:32 PM

Roger Clemens not guilty
this was a total waste of public funds. What a joke.

Clinton lied, who cares if Clemens lied........


grant_west 06-18-2012 3:18 PM

^^^^ Amen

ttrigo 06-18-2012 4:35 PM

how much was spent on this trial? I think americans should be more pissed about the money that was spent on this, instead of how much money was spent in Iraq!

brettw 06-18-2012 6:47 PM

It was a waste of time money and resources for our congressmen to even question him in the 1st place on this subject.

06-19-2012 9:35 AM

And now the govt is going to spend tax dollars on prosecuting some guy for poisoning some tree at Auburn. Im sure its not just some tree and has importance, i know nothing about Auburn other than they may have the cutest girls out of all college campuses.

Well ai might throw ASU in there too:)

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