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bboozer 06-17-2012 3:12 PM

hyperlite baseplates
Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement baseplates for my 2010 Team bindings? I was at a local clinic this past Saturday with Shaun and Josh Palm a and I took a big fall trying to learn a heel 3. When I hit, I broke the baseplate on one of my bindings. I didn't really have much time to talk to Shaun about it, because I was riding in th boat with Josh and when we got back to the house we were on a tight time schedule to eat and then Shaun and Josh had to go and ride an exhibition. I am going to talk with my local shop on Tuesday (they are closed on Mondays) and see if they can help me with warranty. I really don't need or want new bindings just the baseplates for the 6" hole pattern. I have an 8" Retro kit, and i have put that on and am riding my old '08 Murray board in the meantime.

norwalkbeast 06-17-2012 3:33 PM

Try calling Hyperlite on Monday and they will probably send you brand new baseplates, no charge. Ive called them for fins and strings and they have always just sent them to me with no hassle.

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