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silverlude 06-13-2012 9:30 PM

Surf wake set up
We have a Malibu VTX and will be without the use of our wedge for a few weeks due to some damage to the actuators. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this boat and the surf wake set up w no wedge to shape with. We usually run with front,center and surf side hard tanks full and on driver side have a 550 sack and pass side a 350 sack in rear lockers filled up depending on which side riders surfin on. Typical speed for drive side is 10.2-11 and pass side 9.2-10.3. We use the wedge to shape the wake for size or length and looking for some input on how you might adjust the speed ect... now that we are without wedge use for a few weeks. thanks

jfd 06-14-2012 7:37 AM

Having the wedge is like having a fat sac at the very end of the boat, with that being removed, you should put your bigger sac in the locker and the smaller one on the seat.
When i had my vtx i was riding with a 900 in the locker and the wedge, the wake was great!

silverlude 06-14-2012 11:11 AM

I fully get the "wedge effect" and it's purpose ect... was just trying to get input and if I can get ahold of another fat sac I will but was looking for tips on speed ect.. as our last boat it seemed we could adjust people and speed to get good wave. I'm definetly looking into the 750 sacs for rear lockers but gotta make due with what I have for now. I may have to double up the sacs like you mentioned,will give that a try,thanks.

silverlude 06-19-2012 7:42 PM

Ran all weekend w no wedge and still had a great wave. Long pocket and plenty of push.Adjusted speeds slightly higher. I actually liked it better as most did but a few still liked the extra height and curl we get with the wedge all down or one to two clicks up. All in all, very happy with the boat and the wave we are getting. Winter project will definetly be piggy back ballast in rear lockers with 750's in each but even with the sacs we have we are getting a wave everyone can progress on and have a blast.

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