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06-13-2012 9:41 AM

wet sounds xs-12 box specs correct?
I'm assuming the specs for the xs-12 on their site are correct, and that the 1.64 had already taken into account the sub's displacement. before i get building i wanted to make sure that these specs are indeed accurate. also, the box is going to be a seat/step, so how much bracing should i use? thanks for the help.

bendow 06-15-2012 10:45 AM

lol...you told the OP in another thread about an xs-12 to order one from Earmark, you might want to take your own advice :) I assume your asking because of my comment? You mentioned sub displacement, but what about port displacement?

Here's the actual specs. Based on the T/S parameters the EBP is 54, so may be better sealed, but would need a larger box to perform OPTIMUM
Actual specs
Volume- 1.626^ft
Vb- 1.508^ft
Lv- 12.5"
Dv- 3"
Fb- 29hz

06-15-2012 6:29 PM

ya i'm just trying not to spend more money than i have to right now. i have a good riding buddy who has all the right tools and abilities to make it for me, but i still have to pay him so before i waste money i'm trying to get everything in order. plus, i kind of want to help build it. i've got the formulas and what not for calculating the port displacement and all that. i failed geometry miserably in highschool btw. in the end, i may just take the easy way out and get one made from earmark, but im trying to avoid it if i can.

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