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Moose99 06-13-2012 8:20 AM

Malibu VTX weighting question
My buddy just bought a new 2012 Malibu VTX and he was asking me the best way to weight it. I've had experience with the older VLX (maybe 2006?), but wasn't sure about the best configuration with the smaller hull. Any tips on a good wake set-up and a wakesurf set-up? Not sure if he has a power wedge on the boat or not. And not sure which engine he has.
Thanks in advance.

cjh1669 06-13-2012 8:29 AM

I've piggy backed 750's into my lockers, and since I don't have the front tank I run a 725lbs bow sack in my VTX. For wake boarding I will fill the tanks, the 750s half way and the bow sack full, with power wedge adjusted as needed. The wakeboard wake is pretty pig and super poppy at that config, though getting on plane takes a little time. Surfing I run surf side tank and 750s full, bow sack full, and if I don't have enough people I also run a 500lbs sack on the surf side seats, I put my wedge all the way down to surf. The surf wake is great for a boat that size, great push and a pretty long pocket with a nice curl.

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