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aka Bradley Beach 08-21-2003 2:09 PM

Tonight I'm installing Perfect Pass in my 1990 Prostar 190! Anything I should know before I do it? Any problems anyone have? Any tips or tricks to make the install more smooth? Please speak up! Any special tools I might need to get together before I do it? <BR> <BR>Thanks for any suggestions

sprucie 08-21-2003 3:47 PM

A hole saw for the paddle wheel. <BR> <BR>Check with PP about location of the paddle wheel for your hull, they should give you the best placement for your type of boat. <BR> <BR>Lots of zip ties for the wiring, the little ones help make a nice neat install. <BR> <BR>The servo motor/mechanism looks like it installs backwards (in the push/pull sense) from what you think but once you see it in action it all makes sense. <BR> <BR>Lastly, measure twice drill once <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>. <BR> <BR>You'll love the PP, it makes a world of difference. My wife really loves it.

xrated 08-21-2003 5:44 PM

measure three times, drill once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phimple 08-21-2003 7:16 PM

Measure with a micrometer, Mark with Chalk and cut with an Axe

faceplant409 08-21-2003 10:24 PM

Phimple, you sound like a framer! JK <BR> <BR>Kstate: there is a great article on malibuboatowners.com on the pp install. Place the paddle away from underwater gear (tracking fins, plugs, etc. <BR>Good luck! (It's pretty easy!)

gvanorde 08-22-2003 12:42 AM

I installed mine a couple of weeks ago...you will absolutely love it. <BR> <BR>Call perfect pass if you have any questions about paddle wheel placement. They will tell you the best placement for your hull design. Poor placement will haunt you forever...!

aka Bradley Beach 08-22-2003 12:00 PM

Thanks all! My install was delayed last night so I'm doing it this weekend sometime. <BR> <BR>Can U buy a 2 inch drill bit and use that to cut the hole for my paddle wheel?

jeffr 08-22-2003 1:30 PM

Yep. You can get different size hole saws. A new bit and a bracket is less than 20 bucks from Home depot or Lowes. Make sure you get the correct size to fit your drill. When I got a 4Ē hole saw to move my heater I needed a bigger drill. <BR> <BR>Add a couple layers of duct take to the hull of the boat and it will help the gel coat to not chip when you drill through it. It also allows you to mark and measure the hole location a bit easier. <BR> <BR>Donít forget you will want access from the inside of the boat to be somewhat easy to get to incase you need to replace your paddle wheel or check alignment of the paddle wheel. <BR> <BR>You too will soon discover the joys of PP. Good luck. <BR> <BR>

chadna 08-22-2003 4:02 PM

Drill your hole from the inside with a 1/8" bit first. Then come with the hole saw from the bottom up. This way you wont hit any lines etc. Its painless.........

boardjockey 08-23-2003 6:22 AM

location location location for the paddle wheel <BR> <BR>I put mine under the alternator on my boat. Works great most of the time. One problem though... It will surge going through wakes with the wedge down and no ballast in the bow. If I had installed the wheel a couple feet further back I doubt it would be an issue. When the ski locker is weighted (350lbs) it works fine. Just an FYI- <BR> <BR>Later, <BR> <BR>Rick <BR>

aka Bradley Beach 08-27-2003 8:16 AM

The install went well! Thanks for all the helpful tips.

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