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Elliottsx80 06-12-2012 11:23 AM

stereo problems! help needed!
helping my buddy last night put some new rev 10s up and this is what we ran in to

after about 60 seconds of play time with the head unit turned way up [ almost maxed ] they seem to loose there highs like the amp is turning down or something and we cant figure out whats causing it. we thought the amps might be getting hot so we let them cool and tried it again and the same thing. checked the batteries and they are showing fully charged

this is what hes running

4 rev 10s powered by 2 750/1 jl mhd
2 w6 jl 10s powered by 1 600/4 jl mhd
6 7.7 jl inside speakers powered by 1 marine jl 600/6
and hes running 4 golf cart batteries that are like a week old. ive load checked them all with a battery tester and they are all good

were thinking it could be the head unit. since its the factory 2005 clarion. it only has 2 sets of rca outputs. we have the front rca going straight to the 600/6 and a splitter off the rears one set going to the sub amp and the other going to the tower amps. what do you guys think???

Elliottsx80 06-12-2012 11:26 AM

also the amp and battery location are right together, so there is like 3 ft of power and grounds. i think its all 4gage wire.

wetsounds1 06-12-2012 11:50 AM

You are hitting the protection circuit in the REV 10's. The speakers are sensing at clipped (distorted) signal. You will need to re tune the system. Lower the gains on the amps. Also, all head units will clip when put to max volume. So you are clipping the output of the head unit into the amps, then the amp is amplifying a clipped signal. So the speaker is protecting itself. You want to tune the system with the head unit at about 85% of max volume. There is a tuning guide on our site on the ws-420 page, if not using a 420, you can still follow along.

Wet Sounds

Elliottsx80 06-12-2012 11:55 AM

if he adds a 420 to it will it help with the speakers from sinceing the clpping from the head unit?

CobraRob 06-12-2012 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by Elliottsx80 (Post 1759345)
if he adds a 420 to it will it help with the speakers from sinceing the clpping from the head unit?

Sensing it is good.. You want to eliminate the clipping..

However, the 420 may help by acting like a line driver. I know my new Alpine HU only has 2V pre-outs. One of the main reasons I am getting the 420 is to bump that to 5V. Cleaner signal that the amp has to work less on to boost. Less amplification allows for less power use /less heat and less multiplication factor in boosting a slightly dirty signal.

He needs to work on retuning the system with or without a 420. I think the problem people are running into is these systems are getting so darn loud it's getting more and more difficult to tune by ear which was hard to to do properly to begin with.

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