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juniorhawk 06-12-2012 10:11 AM

In this thread, we talk about PROMETHEUS (* * spoilers * *)
I am having trouble finding intelligent conversation about the movie. This thread will contain spoilers.

I liked the movie a lot. I need to see it again. What are people's thoughts on it. Takeaways? Let's get some talk started about this movie.

I really want to talk about other aspects of the movie and the impression I am getting is that people liked it, and it sure has gotten the nerds talking. I am one of those nerds.

Maybe my imagination has gotten away with me on this one but the concept behind that ghost replay of the engineers getting merked is a million, perhaps billion dollar idea for a technology company to pursue.

If there isn't someone already working on this I'd be surprised. Imagine something like a bank, or a government building, wherein security is extremely important and they need to know, down to inch-by-inch specific, how a crime or event took place. Picture a room where a holographic 3d map has been made of the environment. Then light is dimmed and the room appears to have a 3d graph made over it. Then, active sensors record someone walking through, displacing the beams. If the sensors were truly active and could be aware of what coordinate was displaced, they could replay it by attenuating or gunning the light to play back the person walking through the room.

It has to be under development somewhere. Some big security company must be working on this.

Otherwise this post is patent-pending and I'll see you later **drives off in a Lamborghini Murcielago**


jason_ssr 06-12-2012 12:44 PM

Movie was entertaining, asked a bunch of intriguing questions, then never answered them, somewhat anti-climactic.

Nothing you could get from that laser tech that you couldnt get from HQ video. Waste of time reinventing the wheel. Then again, humans started off with a telegraph typing to one another, then invented the phone to simplify the communication to voice, then invented the cell phone to take the technology on the go, and now we use our cellphone to type to each other.

juniorhawk 06-12-2012 2:20 PM

... and I talk to text. I even get annoyed when I have to type.

Do you think Vickers (Charlize Theron) was/is an android.

I was thinking, during the movie, that a big reveal at the end was going to be that she was a robot and David was HUMAN.

I was at least 50% wrong, as you know.

jason_ssr 06-12-2012 5:25 PM

It had crossed my mind, except during the holographic video the old man referred to David as the son he never had, and it panned to her who was obviously hurt by the comment (implying she was less of an offspring and outdone by a bot). I was expecting dialogue with the engineer that revealed a motive previously not considered, but plausible. I also expected it to feed into Alien in a more cohesive way.

hco 06-12-2012 8:24 PM

I thought alot of the movie sucked. Saw it in 3d which I guess is always a mistake after Avatar. The 3d stuff was unnecessary at times, but those stupid glasses are made for small eyed people, or children (and yes, I was wearing the adult pair). Alot of the dialogue sucked and was cheesy, the sex part was ridiculous and stupid (where the captain and the pilot had their interaction), and some of the scenes seemed forced and should have been chopped. Will not see another one again, and was once more reminded why paying 30$ for two tickets makes you want to throw yourself down a set of stairs.

digg311 06-13-2012 11:06 AM

As a fan of Alien and an even bigger fan of Aliens... I was pretty stoked for Prometheus.
Wow... so disappointed.

I mean, I thought it was beautiful... but the story was beyond weak. I think I see a lot of what Ridley was going for in regard to his symbolism and themes... but the dialogue was super clunky... and characters just did stuff with almost no proper motivation. A buddy of mine thinks we'll see a directors cut sometime in the future that will answer some of the questions and fill in the gaps.

I call BS. I think the script suffers from being adapted from a true Alien prequel... and by writer notorious for just writing crap when even HE doesn't know what it means.

I'm all for a movie leaving some things open to interpretation and leaving some open questions... but it's fairly obvious when that a well crafted story expects you to dig into it yourself... as opposed to this one, that taps on the door of some pretty big themes and then just never does the exploration justice.

Oh, and yeah... I wondered if Vickers was a replicant. But I don't think she was. But... I don't think the scene with her and the captain was completely gratuitous... we all wondered at that point if she was a robot. Him asking her was funny, but it also taught us a lot about him...his intelligence and character... Something not a lot of other scenes did.

wakeboardingdad 06-13-2012 9:05 PM

Because I love all the Alien movies, I've been wanting to see this movie since before it came out. Almost went this weekend, but didn't get going early enough to get a good seat, so I decided to wait. Went tonight and there was probably seven of us in the theater.

Anyway, like Jason said, it was a bit anti-climatic and almost comical at the end when Shaw was talking to David and his body's arms were flailing around. BTW, Shaw was tough as nails, just like Ripley. Charlize looked a bit weathered at the beginning, which I suppose is forgivable since she was asleep for 2.5 years, but looked awesome in the rest of the movie. I don't think she was a bot though.

Overall, it was a beautiful movie with tons of technology and effects, but it did not "live" on them. Would I pay full price for it if I had a do over? No. Matinee? Yes. Do I want to see it again? No. Do I still want to see Avengers again? Yes. It was a much better movie from beginning to end.

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