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panda 06-11-2012 4:56 PM

(Cable) - How to start gliding? - How to learn to poke your hard way?
Hey everyone,

I started riding the cable much more lately, and there is some stuff that I am having so much trouble learning.

First of all, right now I feel that glides is something I will never be able to learn. I worked on shifty Method FS180's, where I try to go high and push the board in front of me for a legit method. Though stuff like indy glides and batwings and so seems so out of reach. What are the fundamentals for these, and how can I practice?

For rail riding I have kind of a "comfort" issue I geuss. I am regular and I tend to ALWAYS land on my right foot on a rail. I can also only nosepress and tailpress when leaning on my right foot. This means I tailpress on my regular side and nosepress on my switch side. Same goes for poking, I can only poke out my board with a stretched left leg. I do not have any issues riding switch, actually I ride just as good both ways when just riding, and can ollie pretty well both ways. Any tips on how to get more safe on my harder side when it comes to weight distribution?

drewproses 06-16-2012 4:02 PM

Start by learning raleys off the kicker, then add a grab to your raley. Once you have a solid OHH (back hand grab raley), just add a bit of backside shifty (911) and grab indy instead. For pressing and poking it is just something you have to practice. Try approaching the rail heelside and plan on coming off a little early to the inside, as you get pulled off the rail press onto your left foot to keep yourself on the rail. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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