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sidekicknicholas 06-11-2012 2:18 PM

Spirit Airlines
I have a few trips coming up and I am starting to look into airfare.... Spirit is showing up left and right as being the cheapest... just wondering if anyone has ever flown with them and their thoughts.... some online reviews look pretty rough, but never know who is leaving the review.... I trust WW'ers


e_rock32 06-11-2012 2:35 PM

They are probably as bad as the reviews say. They charge almost $40 to either check your bag or carry on (unless you can fit it under the seat in front of you - a purse and backpack)... so you have to factor in that price. Their customer service is bad also, first off the number is not easy to find, and their customer service is located in India so you cannot understand them that well and they cannot understand you. Luckily, I never had any problems with cancellations or missed flights. I would fly them again because they are cheaper, but I would definitely look into some other flights before booking a ticket with them again. Most people who fly Spirit say they will never fly them again because of the baggage fees, uncomfortable seats, and no complimentary beverage. But then again, you get to where you want to go for cheaper.

e_rock32 06-11-2012 2:41 PM

I should mention that the customer service at the airport was much better. Me and a buddy were flying internationally with no return flight ticket. We couldn't figure out anything over the phone, so we showed up to the airport early. We had to book a return flight, but if we cancelled within 24 hours, they would give us credit towards our next flight. They ended up giving us a full refund with the cancellation within 24 hrs. We ended up flying them back home also since I had to check my bag anyway. Make sure you check your bag when you buy the ticket online to save some money.

hco 06-11-2012 3:27 PM

I used them with no delays or anything, I've probably had more bad experiences with American, who I will never fly with again.

jhartt3 06-11-2012 3:43 PM

Not much on Spirit. I will fly Southwest til the day I die. best customer service. best value for the money.

durty_curt 06-11-2012 4:08 PM

+ 1 for southwest. Never have had a bad experience with them. Same with Hawaiian airlines, but I'm guessing you're not going to Hawaii. . .

leaks 06-11-2012 4:11 PM

My girls were flying Sprit between San Diego and Oakland for as low a $14.00. They always limited themselves to an oversized purse that they stuffed some clothes into. Never any delay issues. No problems.

chevboy171 06-11-2012 4:37 PM

They're bad! I would recommend paying more money to fly another airline if possible. If you can handle the cramped seats and factor in the ridiculous baggage fees, they might be the cheapest, but if you have to cancel/reschedule or deal with customer service in any way, just write it off as a loss because they're impossible to work with. I will never fly them again even though I've avoided getting raped by them too badly; I've had some friends who weren't so lucky though!

Here's some more references showing how horrible they are...



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