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espritv8 06-09-2012 9:13 AM

Centurion decals
I'm looking for big centurion decals for my avalanche.

I'd like the raised factory black and chrome ''CENTURION'' decals, but I also like the new type of stickers.

I have no dealers in the vicinity, Fineline will charge me bigtime, if they ever get back at me one day, and found some on greatlakeskipper.com, but WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM ANYMORE.

These are the kind of decals i'm looking for. It's for the side of the boat, so 75 to 100 inches long would be nice.




Thanks for your help!

jonyb 06-09-2012 7:05 PM

Centurion's service department sucks. If you don't find an OEM one, take that logo to a sign shop and see if they can duplicate it.

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