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dalefan264 06-08-2012 4:37 PM

Wet Sounds and rain....
I have a pair of 485's on my tower and tomorrow I am going out with a chance of rain in the forecast. If I get caught in the rain will it mess up the speakers or will I be OK. I have heard they are waterproof but I really do not know just how much they can take. Thanks.

hatepain 06-08-2012 4:46 PM

You'll be 100% a okay. Here in the Northwest ours get rained on daily. My HLCD's aren't WS but I've had them for 4/5 years now and they see plenty of rain with no problem.

mikeski 06-08-2012 5:34 PM

they will be fine, would even survive salt rain

brett564 06-08-2012 7:56 PM

They are tower speakers...

They are meant go get wet, and many people store these outside for years.

espritv8 06-08-2012 8:34 PM

Sure hope you'll be okay. Mines stay outside all the time!!

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