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beerguy 06-08-2012 12:23 PM

any wakeboard shops around San Mateo?
Hi -
I've checked google and made a few phone calls but can't find anything. Are there any shops around San Mateo, CA (or along the peninsula without having to go to San Jose) that sell wake boards and bindings? Any recommendations would be appreciated.



broke_folk 06-08-2012 12:38 PM

If you're going to San Jose, Liquid Playground is a good place to go. Austin is the owner and real stand up dude. I bought a Oneill CGA Vest from him for mega cheap and enjoyed going there.
If going east on 580, Nor Cal Mastercraft has a good selection out there and good people that can help you out with your needs.
Off of HWY 4- The Sporting Edge have a good pro shop and you can't go wrong there either.
Milo Sport in Lafayette is pretty cool store, but the have wakeboard packages- but a best snowboard hub in my opinion.

That's just my experience and you cant go wrong with either of those shops.

blazeremt89 06-09-2012 9:07 AM

X2 on liquid playground. Austin is a great guy and really knowledgable.

ryanw209 06-12-2012 11:34 AM

Make the drive to SJ and go to the Liquid Playground. It will be well worth your time. I drive 2 hours just to go there and pass 3 shops on the way.

liquidmx 06-12-2012 4:05 PM

4x the Liquid Playground. Tonight Austin is holding the Transworld Devise and Conquer showing and Gallery exhibit.

ktm525 06-13-2012 5:27 AM

The Liquid Playground is hands down the best. I live in Millbrae. I make the drive all the time to Austin's shop. It is definitely worth it.He is very knowledgeable and will hook you up with whatever you need. It is also a great place to meet others in the sport. he has move night and meet and greet with pro's all th etime. Just last night he had a movie night with 2 pro's there.

jarrod 06-13-2012 7:29 AM

Liquid playground is awesome and Austin is a core sport guy. I like what he's doing.

Another great shop is Wakeroots in Pleasanton at the MC dealership. It depends on what brands you're looking for.

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