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fly135 06-08-2012 10:34 AM

This is nuts...
Protester asserts his 1st amendment rights writing political statements in chalk on city sidewalk and gets arrested. Sues the city and wins a $6,000 award. So what's the problem?

The attorney fees paid by the city for both sides cost $190K!:eek:

When the paper contacted the protester for a comment he quoted Shakespeare.... "The first thing we need to do, let's kill all the lawyers".:)


Laker1234 06-10-2012 1:02 PM

That money could have gone to a much better cause.

psudy 06-11-2012 7:21 AM

I honestly believe these people are the root of all evil.

Until you need one.

fly135 06-11-2012 7:52 AM

You really have to wonder what these people were thinking. Apparently it could have been settled for $5K. You can't hardly even talk to an attorney for less than $5K, much less have them show up in court.

wake77 06-11-2012 9:02 AM

^Maybe the mayor was attempting to payback some attorneys that contributed handsomely to his campaign??

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