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polarbill 06-07-2012 9:38 AM

2005 F150 Tires
So our pickup at work is due for new tires. The truck is a 2004 or 2005 F150 extended cab 2wd rig. The tires that were on the rig were BFG Radial Long Trail A/T's. I am not sure we even got 20k out of them. I don't want them again. My main concern is longevity of the tires. I don't care even the slightest in ride. We do load a couple thousand pounds from time to time in the back but usually only drive a couple miles like that. Every once in a while we will throw about the same and make a trip from as far as Norcal to Seattle but that might be once a year if that. The rig does some light towing. As of right now the only thing we would tow is a 16' arima fishing boat that probably weighs about 2k for boat, motor, trailer and gear.

What tires are other's running on their pickups? Any suggestions?

KnoxVol 06-07-2012 9:43 AM

I've got 33" Nitto Terra Grapplers on my 2005 F150. I love them so far but I only have about 3K miles on them too. Many of my friends recommended them to me based on their positive experience though.

patrick232 06-07-2012 9:49 AM

I just went with the new Conti Cross Contact LX20 for our 1500 Chevy. More a H/T tire than a A/T. Rated for 70,000 miles, but I'll be happy with 50,000

jayson_49 06-07-2012 9:57 AM

I have about 40k on my Toyo Open Country M/T (33's) on my Tahoe. Tread is about halfway through. Hoping to get another 20k+ out of them. The key for me is to be anal about rotating and balancing them!

davenk 06-07-2012 10:44 AM

I ran Nitto Grapplers (Load Range D) on my 2001 4x4 F-150 and got 60,000 plus out of them-then sold the truck-they could still be on there. I will be adding them to my new 2011 F-150 as soon as the Goodyears wear out which looks to be not much mroe then 40k if I am lucky.

bcrider 06-07-2012 11:01 AM

I have the BFG All Terrains which are one of the most common and popular tires. They are great on wear and are still a snow rated tire.

kstateskier 06-07-2012 7:06 PM

Upgrade to the 20"s. I got 64k out of the stock Pirelli's on my '07. Then switched to Hankook's which also got the job done. Only had 12k on them when I sold it.

hatepain 06-07-2012 8:37 PM

Email me tomorrow and I'll get you some recommendations from our tire and wheel guys.

polarbill 06-07-2012 8:47 PM

Hate, will do.

89nauti2001 06-07-2012 8:52 PM

Nitto terra grapplers are great on 1/2 ton trucks, 3/4 & 1 tons they will wear fast. I run 37" toyo m/t's on my dodge and they are the best riding mt I've ran so far.

Bam6961 06-07-2012 10:18 PM

Mickey Thompson's Baja Atz Radial Plus i haven't put that many miles on them but they look like they will last a long time- there really expensive though
Also heard the BF all Terrian K/O's are pretty good they have about 16-17 depth too- i think you can buy these at costco
Tread Depth are 16.5-17 on the mickeys compared to 12 on the long trail

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