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antoddio 06-06-2012 10:17 AM

Gluteal pain
When I go riding, esp after not having going for a couple weeks, I experience quite a bit of pain in my arse, literally. I ride goofy footed and I get incredibly sore deep in my left cheek. The rest of my body gets a little sore but not bad. It's annoying because always it always prevents me from running for 3-4 days at least. If I try to run the pain gets worse.

I used to think it was because I was jumping and landing on the top of the wake and was an impact injury, but I was out last weekend and was clearing the wake pretty good. I guess I'm not sure why my left cheek is taking 90% of the soreness brunt.

Just wondering if this is anyone else's experience. Also what kind of butt exercises should I do to help myself out?

I'm 31, so not quite a spring chicken, but not dead yet either.


williamburell 06-06-2012 1:39 PM

no clue dude. My @$$ was killing me for like 2 weeks after the last time I rode. Same deal with the 1 cheeker. Was almost crawling into my back. Total PITA literaly.

jarrod 06-06-2012 1:50 PM

Are you sure it's the glute? Does it feel like muscle soreness from overworking? Like the feeling that you would get from over working muscles at the gym? If so, it should loosen up when you start to run, not get worse. what happens when you try to stretch the glute?

06-06-2012 2:03 PM

My best guess is you're just out of wakeboarding shape. Wakeboarding involves a lot of squat type movements. Hence sore glutes.

Mine get really sore from my first 4-5 sets every year. After that they get back into riding shape and I'm good to go. If you're only riding every 3-4 weeks you may just not be riding enough to get those muscles into shape.

antoddio 06-06-2012 2:04 PM

Seems like it's the gluteus maximus, perhaps the minimus (which seems to be inside the max). It's like the overworking feeling, but much worse. i don't even try to run more than 100 feet with it, as my stride is all off. When I stretch it feels like any other stretch of a really sore muscle. I know I don't do enough stretching as I don't seeing it making that much difference.

fgcuwake 06-06-2012 4:22 PM

like mentioned before,You're prolly out of wakeboarding shape. I used to ride all the time and not experience this. As I got a little older and more involved in other things I would hit the cable for 2 hours about once a month and would experience the same thing. I have to ask, how your sitting on the toilet experience is!? haha in this case for me, it's a helluva rocking motion cuz the quads and cheeks just give out half way through the sitting down motion and then you have to rock back and collapse and hope you land on the pot!

wakerider111 06-06-2012 11:15 PM

i get this every year especially the first and second times out. takes like a week for it to feel normal. but after the break-in period it is fine.

take some ibuprofen after riding, especially if it has been a while.. its what i do anyway

wakebrdjay 06-07-2012 7:01 AM

Just wait til you're 50 Todd.

Kerry 06-07-2012 7:25 AM

haha Zach, I love it! I know exactly what you are talking about! I agree its totally being out of wakeboarding shape. To help with this I've always just done squat stretches before and after riding. I usually do a stretch where you sit on the floor and put your feet in front of you so the bottoms of your feet are flat against each other. Then bow your head down as far as you can go. Honestly just doing anything you can think of to stretch that area helps. I agree running should actually help stretch out your sore muscles too even if it feels weird. A good bike ride with a low seat to get your legs up high is great too.

quik876 06-07-2012 7:35 AM

try standing against a wall and squatting as low as you can with ur back braced against the wall with your stance shoulder width, and get ur butt level w/your legs at least to 90 degrees or lower (as close to the floor as possible works best, but not touching w/ur arms to balance/stabalize you). I know that helps me after a heavy leg workout @ the gym. seems to help prior to and after my time riding if I haven't ridden in several weeks (like the winter break). hope it works for ya.

antoddio 06-07-2012 9:08 AM

Thanks for the tips, I guess I'll have to focus on more butt exercises at the gym. Traditionally I've only done legs about 6 times a year- so nothing really.

On the plus side I find as I hurt more when older I also care less. I used to be concerned when something would hurt me, now I just assume that nothing is going to break and I roll with it most of the time. :)

jarrod 06-07-2012 9:44 AM

"try standing against a wall and squatting as low as you can with ur back braced against the wall with your stance shoulder width"
My guess is that your quad complex will fatigue long before the glutes with a wall squat.

Weird, I've never had glute soreness from wakeboarding. But I also spend a lot of time in the gym keeping them conditioned.

BoatsNM 06-07-2012 9:54 AM

Trying taking your crashes to the face instead of the @$$. Much more entertaining and the butt soreness will seem much more mild.

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