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Orange 06-06-2012 12:50 AM

Bindings for kids
Looking for ideas. I have three boys - 13, 11, and 8 yrs old. They are beginners - no w2w jumps or tricks yet. Right now I have Hyperlite Remix bindings that the two older boys are almost outgrowing (should have bought the next size up). No complaints about the bindings - work well.

I have a several problems:
1) my own experience was my wakeboarding improved tremendously when I went to a higher quality closed toed boot, so I'm tempted to do the same for them.
2) with three boys, I'd have at least two shoe sizes to deal with (right now I'm lucky in that the 11 and 13 yr old wear the same shoe size, but that won't last). If I get closed toed boots I may have to also get a board for each boy or do a whole lot of boot changes during the day.
3) they frequently bring a friend. Sometimes I'm lucky and the friend is about the same shoe size, but sometimes not.

With three boys plus friends the potential combination of boot and board sizes is huge. Aside from obvious cost issues, I don't what to store that many boards/bindings.

What have you all done? What have you found to be the best combination of not breaking the bank but providing your kids with good equipment to learn on? Interested in ideas.

Kane 06-06-2012 3:10 AM

I would stick with open toe bindings, they allow for much more room for variety of sizes.
Maybe 2 boards with different size bindings which handle the older and younger kids.
Check out gear from outlets like evo.com to find kids gear cheap.

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