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Jmaxymek 06-05-2012 3:29 PM

Heel Lift on '10 Ones
So I just picked up some demo 2010 Ronix One bindings from the local shop. Threw them on and it didn't look bad enough for concern, but now after a couple sets the heels are a good half inch off the board. Any way of fixing this? Also the liners aren't staying in well, I can feel them sliding out on any trip flips. Thanks. http://img.tapatalk.com/441883f6-79fa-d54d.jpghttp://img.tapatalk.com/441883f6-7a14-190f.jpghttp://img.tapatalk.com/441883f6-7a2b-f40b.jpg

06-05-2012 3:36 PM

Just a heads up on those. Those are I believe 2007s. I've got a pair of 2008s identical except they are grey where yours are black. The heel/toe lift cannot be adjusted or fixed on those. In 2009 Ronix went to their baseless/current chassis.

rmotoxxx711 06-05-2012 3:41 PM

3" coarse thread drywall screws thru the foot bed should do the trick. Don't mind the new daggers on the bottom of your One board tho.

Anyways for real tho yea those are 2007s. 2010s were red and white baseless and 2011s hot yellow.
Seen a lot of guys with serious heel lift with the cells and Ones and even the girl bindings all from these years. Unfortuantely there's nothing you can do... (unless you took to the drywall screw idea haha jk)

06-05-2012 4:01 PM

These are 2010s.

stoked_32 06-05-2012 4:08 PM

I've been riding the Ronix ones since their inception. Easy fix. Roll up a little bit of duct tape and tape it to the bottom on both sides of where you would attach it to the board. Eliminates heel lift completely. I'll post a photo when I get home.

bcrider 06-05-2012 4:31 PM

Ya, on my 07 cells I just made shims out of the green cutting mat material I had laying around and glued it underneith. I made the shims for both front and back.

ditto on 07's and not 2010's. If someone told you those are 2010's you have been lied too.

Jmaxymek 06-05-2012 6:22 PM

Apparently they're 2007's haha. Not keen on the drywall screws, but maybe it'll work! My dad doesn't know much about boards and such, so maybe he wasn't paying attention, he was there and got them to toss on a board I had lying around, but they'll do!

wakebordr11 06-05-2012 6:55 PM

That heel lift isn't bad, it gets worse on the new bindings. Doesn't seem to affect how the bindings perform. Shoot, my aluminum plates are cracked and they're still holding up... 2011 cells, almost blew them out my 5th time riding. Don't know how the pros deal with durability... or lack thereof

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