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madchild1 06-02-2012 5:42 PM

Where'd they go? I've been kinda out of the game for awhile and I remember they were THE speakers to buy, and that 4-board rack they made was simply badass.

I think the main guy's name was Duane?

superfluous 06-02-2012 6:20 PM

Still around. I bought replacement woofers from them last year since my six year old speakers had been beaten by UV.

madchild1 06-02-2012 6:38 PM

how i contact them? the site's down.

superfluous 06-02-2012 6:41 PM

contact@nvs1.net worked for me

madchild1 06-02-2012 7:49 PM

just emailed and it said that email address isn't active.


dohboy 06-02-2012 8:25 PM

Wow, I was on the sight a few weeks ago, but now its down.

nvsairwarrior 06-03-2012 10:11 AM

Yep it's true, we've decided to move on.
My partner and I have decieded that other things in life are now more important and deserving of our time, i.e raising a family for Todd, and me, looking at retirement.
I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone that I've met through this endevour. I can honeltly say I never met a bad apple.
It has been a while, I remember that what got us started was simply No One at the time (circa 2003-4)was putting up anything you could really hear as a rider. With an Engineering bakground I simply looked at this as a problem needing a solution. Hence the fisrt to market true Pro Audio, what a diffence.
Looking back we did have a few first's: almost forgot about the 4 board rack (one slot for a surf or knee board; First to use 8", first to use 10", first to use Pro Audio Coax, first to use HLCD; first to use Neodymium motors on Mid Bass drivers.
Lastly, the first to make virtually everything in the USA.....possibly a downfall from a business perspective. But hey, no complaints.

I still have the ability to provide some warranty assitance if anyone needs it (fortunately never was much of that). Since HSE is gone I have rebuilt a few of the Trident boxes if anyone needs some help there.

Thanks again, it's been a blast.:)


ndavis03 06-03-2012 11:08 AM

Sad to see you guys go. Thanks for the great products and service. My old school Addictions are still going strong.

david_e_m 06-03-2012 11:42 AM

I'm sincerely sorry to see you move on and out of the industry. While I have never carried your product, we have visited several times and I have always enjoyed the interaction.
I'll also miss Jim from HSE since his exit from marine audio.
Great people. Never enough of you guys. Makes the industry a little less enjoyable for the rest of us still in the biz.

Earmark Marine

chilidog 06-03-2012 1:07 PM

Duane we talked a few times out on the delta, you were very informative aand i learned a ton in our short conversations, best of luck on retirement. If i ever went big on my stereo u had my business but that hasnt happened yet, bummed i missed out on your quality local product!! Take care

jetskiprosx 06-03-2012 1:42 PM

I remember way back when you first experimenting with the speaker system and you had pics and how-to info all over this site (before you got the business going)! This was back when everyone was rocking 6.5's and 6x9's...how times have changed :)

Are you going to be dumping any left over product?

xstarrider 06-03-2012 7:18 PM

Hate to see you guys go, but wish you nothing but the best, my Tyrants are still running strong and my bro's Addictions are still pumping out tunes. You guys were first rate and a great company to deal with. You will be missed indeed.

I owned that rack it was a beast........

duffymahoney 06-03-2012 7:30 PM

I think you should just sell the speaker molds and let people DIY their own HLCD setups. Much easier then selling tower speakers:)

nvsairwarrior 06-03-2012 8:15 PM

Interresting that you should mention that strategy. To be honest I have thought about that kind of approach. Even to just sell the enclosures and list some of the possible drivers (we've played/tested numerous) that would sound/perform well for the DIY guy. Ethics come in to play here so a bit of a tough call. The top manufacturers should probably pay me NOT to publish a list of components that would blow away any/everything currently on the market.....Ok just kidding.:) From my perspective it's not difficult to do.
On the other hand you have some great manufacturers out there to provide good product and support. How much performance do you want/need? When in the middle of no where I get harrased due to high audio performance when no ordinance/laws exist.
If you want DIY, give me call, otherwise, stick with a warranty. Your audio system should not be something of concern but an enhancement you our experience.
Rock on.

duffymahoney 06-03-2012 8:22 PM

Much easier business to just sell DIY stuff. No warranty just give links to speaker companies like you said. They can give input on crossovers, drivers etc... . You already paid for the mold i'm guessing:) Anyways sad to see you go.

fullspeed 06-03-2012 8:48 PM

Duane, I just read the thread and I am truely sad NVS is getting out of the business. My Tryants that I bought from you back in 06 are still going strong. Matter a fact I had them blasting music today at Lake Tulloch. NVS has treated me very well with a quality product and unheard of customer service.

Duane I don't know if you remember me, but you drove to Salinas Valley Marine and installed my speakers for me while my boat was still in their showroom floor. I recall Salinas Valley Marine being a little late on delivery and I had a big vacation coming up and you volunteered to come install them and fine tune my amp for me at no extra charge so I could have my speakers set up in time. It really ment a lot to me and I have alway praised NVS to anyone that asked me about my Tyrants. Thank you again for everything. Best of luck in whatever you do next.

Brannon Scianna Santa Cruz.

wakereviews 06-04-2012 6:19 AM

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Duane, man, that stinks. You are a great guy and always provided great support. Of all the tower setups I've had, no doubt this one was my favorite.

seangriswold 06-04-2012 6:48 AM

also sad to see you guys go! my addictions are still going strong and when the drivers needed replacing you were right there to make the switch an easy one!

bendow 06-04-2012 11:06 AM

You guys were the true first ever for a lot of things in boat audio. I remember reading some of those threads. I wish WW was still the DIY site it once was.


duffymahoney 06-04-2012 11:57 AM

Actually your enclosures would be sweet for just 10" coax speakers for surfing.

lenmann 06-04-2012 7:22 PM

Congrats on retirement Duane!

As the happy owner of a pair of Entity's and now a set of Prodigy's I am sorry to see NVS come to an end. I greatly appreciated your insight, expertise, and help with my systems.

All the best,


jarrod 06-05-2012 8:02 AM

Thanks for everything Duane and good luck. Stay in touch.

hatepain 06-05-2012 10:06 AM

I never got to hear your product but it always got rave reviews here on WW. I thought you pod design for the 10" speakers that reduced hang height was very innovative. Its a bummer you had to go but if you can retire then great. Enjoy!

macrogpx2 06-05-2012 1:18 PM

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Sad to see you have to hang up it Duane, but I like many respect the choice. I bought a pair of Entity 1010's and they absolutely rip, I can still overpower pretty much anyone I come across, thanks to bridged ARC XXK 2500's per unit! Love the speakers and will rep the NVS name till mine finally quit on me.

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