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ifinallygota21v 06-02-2012 5:41 AM

VLX pricing
Anyone have any idea what base price and a loaded price would look like for a new vlx? Also any likes/ dislikes about the boat?

fman 06-02-2012 3:23 PM

In short....

Have 156 hours on my 2011 VLX, great boat, fantastic wakeboard wake, Maliview is great, quad ballast is really nice. Superior tower, nice bimini, hard to beat the Malibu fit and finish and overall look of the VLX.. Nice passenger room for a 21' 6" boat.

Things I don't care for - Drivers seat is too low (had to raise it up), Tower speakers blast people sitting in rear seat area, no cleats in front bow of the boat, decent surf wake but not exceptionally great.. No bow storage with front ballast tank. Pretty minute complaints but no boat is perfect.

This is a tough time to buy and get a good deal, its the start of the season. I am guessing a fully loaded VLX with exception of no stereo (head unit and inboat speakers only) is going to run you around 70k plus taxes. Where you live will also play a factor in pricing.... Would recommend installing aftermarket stereo, you will get a much better product for less money.

Bamabonners 06-02-2012 7:13 PM

great boat. I would definately recommend it. I would echo Travis's comments. In fact, here is a great looking used one, just one year old.


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