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bendow 05-31-2012 1:32 PM

Does this boat SPL record still stand?
Has 144db been beaten?


hatepain 05-31-2012 2:25 PM

I wanna say yes there was a contest some years ago at Spring Ride where they did an interior SPL at the drivers seat and they did a drive by one too. IIRC people thought the interior SPL was wack for some reason. I think it was the year that green and white Malibu with 8 ARC Audio Flatlines showed up.

mikeski 06-01-2012 12:14 AM

Nothing against Mike's system but the test was not really scientific enough to be valid. Sound intensity drops as a function of the distance from the source, there was no specified distance for the microphone from the sub. I did mine at 2' from my single 12" sub in a sealed box and measured 132db that day. If I would have placed it within 6" of the sub I probably would have pushed a number higher than "the record". Listening to all of the systems that day I also found little correlation between the measured SPL and pervieved bass intensity from the near proximity.

After experiencing the test, I suggested they modify the test to having the mic mounted in the center of the passenger compartment at a standard distance of 1 meter from the floor. The guy running said that sounded like a good idea but they were not that concerned about it being a controlled test. It was "just for fun" not a real competition in his words. He runs the local IASCA test so I would expect him to know better.

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