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kyle_L 05-30-2012 3:29 PM

Harley Clifford W2W double indy tantrum
<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/41669544" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

migs 05-30-2012 3:47 PM

on the OLD STAR

wakeworld 05-30-2012 4:00 PM

Here's one behind the new X-Star...


TheHebrewHammer 05-30-2012 5:13 PM

Whole bunch of new stuff here. Never seen Harley do a pete 5. Awesome double!

wakeworld 05-30-2012 5:17 PM

Is it me or is he going really heavy on the nose grabs? He's been watching Sean O'Brien and Andrew Adkison!

migs 05-30-2012 5:39 PM

The kid is insane!

captain_vilfo 05-30-2012 6:31 PM

that pete 5 was so F*%$#^*ING awesome.

TheHebrewHammer 05-30-2012 6:39 PM

As pete 5's go, his isn't my favorite. He's prolly still working on it.

Moose99 05-30-2012 7:25 PM

If he landed that behind his old boat then is it say to say the new X-Star wake doesn't have anything to do with him landing a double tantrum? Just sayin...

TheHebrewHammer 05-30-2012 7:41 PM

Maybe the new wake made it easier. Either way, who cares? I don't like how obsessed people are getting with the idea that the new X-Star and the G23 make new tricks possible. There may be some truth to it, but it's largely a marketing strategy and it won't make any difference to you and I because we aren't good enough to use the current generation of elite wakes to their full potential. There are plenty of tricks that are possible behind the current wakes but haven't been done yet. It's not like we're hitting a wall and we need a new wake to break through.

stxr_racer 05-30-2012 10:41 PM

^^^ Agree...

mckenna 05-31-2012 5:39 PM

that whole vid = mind blown!

and also makes me ashamed at my current level of riding lol

boomshot 05-31-2012 6:01 PM


Originally Posted by TheHebrewHammer (Post 1755818)
As pete 5's go, his isn't my favorite. He's prolly still working on it.

And also:


TheHebrewHammer 05-31-2012 6:11 PM


dakid 05-31-2012 6:36 PM


Originally Posted by boomshot (Post 1756232)

i concur.

05-31-2012 6:37 PM

What happened to his neck this week? Hes debating whether to ride at PWT in TX this weekend.

Bill_Dad 05-31-2012 10:10 PM

when he was riding the other day he felt some pain in his neck, kept riding and the problem has deteriorated, im sure he will ride but carrying a very sore neck. It will get better im sure.

wakedaveup 06-01-2012 5:15 AM

So you guys are telling me that when your 60 years old you wouldnt regret not banging that^^^^^^ just sayin, Id hit it haha (arrows are refering to the picture not Bill hahaha)

shredthagnar 06-01-2012 5:51 AM

I know how he feels. I just re-broke mine after 6 years if riding with a screw in my neck. Now I have 4 more screws cable and a priece if my hip put in there. Doctor told me itll heal in 6 months to a year and to never wakeboard again. But he finished that with "it's a good thing we live in a free country" haha

Luker 06-01-2012 6:05 AM

Pete 5s, double tantrums, blah blah blah....

did anybody see 1:02?? Far and away the best trick in the edit

shredthagnar 06-01-2012 6:09 AM

How many rewinds can u do

captain_vilfo 06-01-2012 8:01 AM

that pic perfectly sums up what I thought of the "pete 5 wasnt my favorite" quote lol

greg_smith 06-01-2012 3:35 PM

Here are my thoughts:


brhanley 06-01-2012 3:59 PM

Wow. Seems every Harley video is somehow better than the one before.

JJ 06-02-2012 8:58 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a shot of it from Acworth. Unbelievably he was still on the way up!

kyle_L 06-02-2012 10:16 AM

pete 5s are not the most graceful of tricks no matter who is doing them unless it is Tom off the kicker. You really get stuck at 3, so the fact that they are going 5 on it is an impressive show of strength, but really it should be a trick stopped at 3 unless like i said you are Tom or Diego that are taking it to even 7

madchild1 06-02-2012 5:57 PM

christ, that new star is so damned ugly. luckily they had someone hucking big stuff off the back.

jperkinsttu 06-03-2012 2:11 PM

Landed it yesterday in the semis. He is insane good.

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