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phillywakeboarder 05-30-2012 3:02 PM

what type of subwoofer 2 install under dash?
Hey everyone. I've got a 99 x star with a worn out 10 inch sub that's installed under the dash in the piece of wood that's right before the driver's feet. My question is, should I buy a "free air" sub or one that's meant 4 an enclosed space? Also, do most of u go with a "marine" sub 4 this application or just a regular sub? I have an alpine mrx-v70 amp that I'll be using to send 250 watts 2 the sucker. Thanks so much 4 any responses!

david_e_m 05-30-2012 4:12 PM

I'm familiar with that set up. In that era factory didn't use a true infinite baffle subwoofer. The woofer mounting panel was compliant and open over the top. So infinite baffle never stood a chance to perform up to its potential. You can correct all these things but in the process you have invested as much time and expense as doing an enclosed subwoofer (sealed or some form of ported). And the infinite baffle will still fall short past a certain output level. So if you want to maintain the existing kick panel I would use a 10-inch woofer on the outside and a custom enclosure on the inside in a manner that the two sandwich and seal against the factory kick panel. A brace to the sole will add rigidity to the entire assembly. Or, you can go with a larger 12-inch subwoofer for example which will most likely entail scraping the existing kick panel and fabricating a new facade to conceal the enclosure.
Many use an automotive woofer for inland purposes with good long term results. Not a good idea in a coastal community where I would favor a true marinized sub. Maybe stay clear of a paper cone woofer in a humid area or if you have experienced sweat under the boat cover.

Earmark Marine

phillywakeboarder 06-06-2012 5:31 PM

Thanks so much for your response. I'm gonna be purchasing a sub next month (just installed an automated ballast system and am a little tired of working on the boat right now) and I'll definitely give earmark a call.

chpthril 06-06-2012 6:45 PM

Definitely fallow Davids advise and go with a sub in an enclosure. For a 4 ohm 10" sub that would be a perfect match for your available 250W, the Kicker KM-10 comes to mind.

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