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Kerry 05-30-2012 11:28 AM

2012 Ronix One Modello Vs. 2012-2011 Marek Bio
Hi Guys,

Just looking for some thoughts on these boards. I'm due for an upgrade since my current setup is an 03' Hyperlite parks and 04' Ultras (best boot ever). I've already committed and bought the 2012 One bindings. Love em, just need some more breaking in. The shop I went to - Wakeside Marine in elkhart, IN - let me take a 138 2012 One Modello and a 2011 Marek. I was able to give the One a good ride and its definitely somewhat closer to my parks being a 3 stage. I didn't get the best ride on the Marek since conditions were really bad and after riding i noticed the main fin i need for heelside jumps broke in half sooo all bets are off. It did seem to be nice and fast though. I'm going to try at least the 2012 Marek this weekend too. I was curious of anyones thoughts here about them. Thanks for any insight.

Kerry 06-01-2012 12:55 PM

Nobody? yikes...well I'll be sure to let you all know what I go with. Either one should be a nice upgrade.

Delt725 06-01-2012 2:26 PM

Currently in process of switching from the 2009 Marek to the 2012 One board. In process cause I haven't taken a set on the one yet :) The Marek is fast but I found myself pushing off pretty hard to not crash through the wake. I know lots of people swear by the One and others by the Marek. It was a good board but not exactly what I was looking for, hopefully the One will be.

501s 06-01-2012 11:50 PM

Have 3 sets on my 2012 one coming from a Watson. Fist day, missed my watson. 2nd day liked it. 3rd day, love it. I have been riding flex boards a lot (3 years)and the time bomb is stiff but after I got used to it, I am really liking the board. There isn't a bad thing I can say about it. Smoth, great release on spins, tons of pop, and bites if you put it on edge. For boat I really like it.

Kerry 06-04-2012 7:16 AM

Thanks for the comments guys. I went ahead and had them order me the One 142. I do have an 08 Ronix Covin with a continuous Rocker that can be my Super Fast get me out into the Flats board if I want. The One will replace my older 3 stage which as we all know is great for wake to wake. I also went with the one because of its forgiving edge. Its a really nice board to grab too! I have a good 4 day weekend coming to ride the One. Should be picking it up later this week. I giving a good update after that!

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