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SkySki 05-29-2012 3:42 PM

Fuel Pump Fuse Hot - Volvo
My buddy just bought a boat (2006 Regal) and has been having the strangest problem ever since. When he is at full throttle, the boat will be running steady and then start to rev higher and move faster with more power. It's the strangest feeling. So he has been trying to figure it out for about a month. Boat runs fine at idle and all the way to top speed, but then will lunge forward with more power. His fuel pressure is within spec according to his manual. The fuse to the fuel pump is extremely hot to the touch at idle or after running. His fuse box is mounted to the top of the engine and seems like everything is warm but the fuel pump fuse is really hot. He has verified that all of the wiring is tight and nothing is loose in the wiring.

Just wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of this problem. Usually a hot wire is high current due to a loose wire or pump working overtime. Pump is $700 so he doesn't want to replace it and not thought about a simpler/cheaper problem.

My guess is the pump pressure is good but the flow is bad making the pump work hard and the fuse & relay get hot.

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