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05-28-2012 1:46 PM

Stolen '12 setup yesterday
If anyone knows anything about a 2012 LF Shane 138 w/ Shane bindings that was stolen during the demo LF Free 4 All at McCormicks on May 27th and can help with the return of the setup, you will receive a crap load of free ride time.

Anyone have any friends who all of a sudden have showed up with a new setup in Orlando, Tampa, Ft Myers areas??

Just hate for this punk to ruin things in the future for other riders at all demo days.

Send me a message...thanks

jaybee 05-28-2012 6:19 PM

Will definitely keep my eye out.

TheHebrewHammer 05-28-2012 6:36 PM

The board is a blem, so it has a "B" in the serial number and no tags inside the boots.

05-28-2012 7:01 PM

Free year pass for the return of the setup!!

TheHebrewHammer 05-28-2012 7:12 PM

That's a $1700 value!

gotwake133 05-28-2012 8:22 PM

We get asked all the time at Performance if we buy back boards so maybe someone will bring it in. I will be sure to keep my eyes open at OWC! Any stickers on it or anything that would stand out?

supratweaked 05-28-2012 9:19 PM

Thieves SUCK. Not to wish bad kharma on anyone, but I hope the person that did this blows an ACL the first time they ride it.

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