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colby2ya 05-23-2012 3:22 PM

Beginner: Fighting the board, and soreness in my left back side. TIPSS
Ok so i need some tips, i just started wakeboarding and i'll explain my situation. I'm riding a liquid force tripp and a LF harley but the harley stays up..it's a little more advanced for me right now. But ok here's my problem, 1) i need muscles and need to stop being a pussy 2) it feels like i'm fighting the board to much to keep up with the boat. We are running about 22mph, and my arms and legs start killing me! 3) i ride goofy...and after a min of riding...i get this tight, sore feeling in my left side towards my back.

ok so...i been trying some different degrees and stuff with my boots to try to get more comfortable behind there. Can yall give me some tips on stance width, degree/position of my boots? Or am i just a noob, and once i go out a couple times.them muscles i don't ever use will finally build up and it won't bother me anymore??

snork 05-23-2012 3:30 PM

Probable bent over at the waist
Foot stance just wider than your shoulder width
boot slightly pigeon toed front and back or back foot at 90 deg and front foot slightly pigeon
I'd ride the LF Harley no matter what level rider you are rack the Trip

TBell 05-23-2012 11:04 PM

^i think he means duck out your boots. You definitely do not want them pigeon toed (toes pointing inwards) because that'll absolutely kill your knees haha. He definitely means duck out your boots, but everything else he stated I correct!

If you want to gain muscle for your legs, it's simple: workout! You'll only get what you put it. Calf raises, dead lift, and most of all, squats!! Do workouts to work your legs, and again, squats are one of the best!! Go for runs too and run hills. Strengthen your knees and quads and calves and the rest of your legs. That'll help a lot!!

williamburell 05-24-2012 6:09 AM

I really just started riding multiple times weekly last year. I can tell you I had the same pain in my back. I started working out alot more, watching my diet, and generally taking care of myself better and after a week or 2 I was golden. I can ride all day now with no pain in my arms and legs.

I jacked my mcl late last fall and fractured my arm over winter, didn't work out, and 2nd outting this year I was knocked out action for 2 weeks with lower back pain. Took the first week to stretch it and the second week to start working out again. Part of it is prob your stance and part of it is prob you working new muscles.

Also I swear by gatorade/rum. Keeps out the dehydration and pain

snork 05-24-2012 7:00 AM

yes toes out not in
If you were to jump up in the air barefooted both feet simultaneously then notice your feet position when standing thats your stance

sippi 05-24-2012 7:31 AM

go grab detention or the book and check out their "riding positions". just how you are riding straight behind the boat leaned back slightly, arms bent slightly....all that jazz. when you bend over trying to "keep up with the boat" then you are going to hurt your back and its going to be harder to progress. it all starts with riding position.

colby2ya 05-24-2012 7:37 AM

thanks! And i do work out that's the sad part. It's really the pain in my back side that's killing me. I'm not leaning over or nothing, it just seems i'm holding on way to tight to keep up with the boat. As i watch videos on youtube from people wakeboarding, it just seems so effortless to hold on to the rope.

williamburell 05-24-2012 8:39 AM

I think you may be alil high on your speed. Maybe someone else can chime in but I ride at 20 or 20.5 depending on conditions. 22 seems alil quick for a beginner. My guess is you are riding the rope alil shorter at too fast of a speed too


As i watch videos on youtube from people wakeboarding, it just seems so effortless to hold on to the rope.
When I watch golf it seems so effortless to hit a 300yd drive. youtube crappy wakeboarder and see what you come up with

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