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braap 05-23-2012 10:52 AM

Byerly vs Slingshot
Need a little help, has anyone demo'd the new byerly assult and the slingshot hooke? Looking for a new set up and is torn between these two.. byerly assult with marek and system binding or the slingshot hooke with rad bindings.. Can anyone give me their two cents on these setups? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead:

tahoeguy7 05-23-2012 11:00 AM

I haven't ridden a Hooke, but I have ridden the Assault, and it is a board that has a super locked in feel and tracks all the way up the wake. I prefer a board that has a looser feel to it. I have been riding the Blunt and I absolutely love it.

logan 05-23-2012 12:46 PM

Not a very fair comparison, Slingshot's are handmade solid wood boards where as byerly's are foam. The Hooke is super fast, fun and poppy. The RAD boots are next level legit. You could not buy a better setup than a Hooke with RAD boots.

chillinoj 05-23-2012 1:23 PM

I came from an grind base S4 to Byerly Assault last summer since it was an '09, so cheap. Also, growing up I loved byerly's boards under hyperlite and basically learned to ride on one so i figured I would go back now that it's his "own" brand. Board is solid, really aggressive, but the massive molded in fins made it feel difficult to even do surface 180. So takes a little time getting used to. But helped me learn raleys and krypts, which i broke it on... But EVO hooked me up with a 2012, same board shape though so rides just like my '09 did

If that's what your looking for than great. No experience with the Hooke, but hard to go wrong with those too

SS_Hooke102 05-23-2012 5:47 PM

I have a slingshot hooke and love it so much. I have had multiple boards and haven't been happier, that is only my opinion though. They are correct though, the hooke has a looser skate like feel, i came from a ronix one (tracks like a freight train) and it took some getting used to, like i said though, i'm extremely happy i took the time to adjust.

wakerider111 05-24-2012 12:28 AM

also you might consider what local shop carries... if you have not already... if applicable. reason for this is potential warranties and just plain ol' local support.
i have not rode both, so cant really provide personal comparison.
anyway you can demo these first, even just to at least try on the boots in a shop first???

braap 05-24-2012 6:07 PM

thanks guys for all the input, the board ive always rode was an 04 parks, rides like a picnic table.. i rode a few other boards like the monarch with the system binding and loved the set up, and i also rode a few slingshots last year with the rad bindings also a good set up. wakerider111 i dont know if i will have a chance to demo the board, but will get a chance to try the boots on before i purchase them..

Delt725 05-24-2012 8:23 PM

Bryce: Which One model were you on? And which year Hooke? Just picked up a new One but also just demo'd a Slingshot and am interested.

logan 05-25-2012 12:15 AM

I love my Lyman, but I am also trying to track down a Hooke for a good price.

tahoeguy7 05-25-2012 6:44 AM

If you don't like your Parks, you will probably not like the Assault either.

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