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sk4910 05-23-2012 8:04 AM

Stripped hole in ballast bag
I have a fly high ballast bag and one of the ports is stripped. It there a way to fix this without having to replace the bag? I bought the boat used and apparently the previous owner tried to silicone the fitting into the stripped hole but it popped right out on me.

Thanks in advance!

superfluous 05-23-2012 9:47 AM

Same problem with my 7 year old bags. The plastic threads get compromised over time.

Instead of silicone, use Marine Tex for a permanent solution.


getssum 05-23-2012 4:35 PM

Flyhigh will fix your bag as well if you don't mind sending it to them. Plus they can upgrade ports, put more holes in it, etc. Pretty reasonable as well!

Call em up they're nice people!

TheSqueakyWheel 05-25-2012 5:40 AM

If you want a permanent solution, superfluous' fix will work. I've done similar with PVC cement from ACE hardware. A thick coat seals the threads for good.

sk4910 05-25-2012 8:22 AM

What is superfluous' fix and where can I buy it?

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